Obviously I will not be available next Thursday-Sun, August 15th-18th.  I am no longer taking custom requests for FetCon, if you missed out.. oh well, try again next year!

If you’re at FetCon and you’re a sub, you’re more than welcome to approach me as long as you do it respectfully.  I will even take a picture with you if you ask my permission.

Starting this month, I will be adding a monthly 10 minute group webcam show to my exclusive members only twitter @MilanoEvelyn and as previously stated it is $75 for 3 months.  Take into account I generally charge $50 for just 10 minutes of webcam and you’d be getting 3 webcam shows with this membership, so it’s a really good deal.  Not to mention you get weekly pictures of me as well as a exclusive video not posted anywhere else.

BRJlxtZCAAAjT61.jpg large

I <3 seeing my clips ranked in the top 50!

BQmi7sqCQAA94SD.jpg large BQmjVTcCUAAh1DO.jpg large BRKhDIZCEAE7OIh.jpg large

some presents I’ve received lately!

Working for my feet
Thats right, bring all that cash and prepare to lay it all beneath these greedy feet. All they want is whats in your wallet. I want to hear you say it, that my feet own all of your cash. Did you bring it what they want? My size 9s are naturally beautiful, but they do require upkeep such as pedicures, and new toenail polish, massages and the like. That requires your money, foot pig! Pamper and spoil your owners, my feet!
Bring it
I bet you’re ready to take that cock out and stroke it like you always aren’t. Theres no need for me to even tell you to start, because I know you’re already doing it. I don’t think anyone would blame you, I know how hot I am and what I’m capable of. But lets get one thing straight… you keep coming back right? Yeah, you do. So with that said.. I control you. Right? Right! I also control your dick and what happens!
Devoted to Ass
slave brad and I are in .Thomas, where he took me on vacation for his 1 yr anniversary of being owned by me. I decided to take him out on the balcony where I stand in my betsey johnson bikini bottom and command him to kiss my ass as I look at the beautiful beach in front of me. Ah, the spoiled life. To be slave brad kissing my ass on this pristine beach, that would be heaven wouldn’t it.
JOI Fast to Ass
Ass sluts get your cock out, because I’m giving you ONLY 3 minutes to bust a nut to my big tan ass in this little white bikini! As you stare up at it, it takes over your screen.. your mind, oh and of course your dick. I know you are obsessed with it and I intend to make that obsession grow, just like your dick did. Come on butt slut, jerk it faster, you don’t have long!
BBC Bull
Not only are you a cock sucker, you have an infatuation with the BBC don’t you? You want a big black stud to take advantage of your white ass, don’t you bitch? You dream of being used and abused, fucked and more by a BBC. Well, I brought something for you today.. I want you to watch it. Watch this black bull use this wimpy white boy, the same way you’d get used. Oh is that making your wimpy little white dick hard? Hahaha.. good!
Perfect Wrinkled Soles
Hey foot bitch, do you like my nasty, dirty feet? You see those creases, the dirt.. you’ll never get it! Nope, instead you’ll forever be staring at my soft wrinkly soles. Smell them, I dare you! Holly knows you’re a little foot bitch that is of no use, other than to smell and lick her dirty feet. I love touching them just to make you jealous, I’d never let you anywhere near my feet, keep dreaming!
Frilly Skirts
Red heard you like looking up girls skirts… how did that exactly start? Did you start by lifting up skirts of mannequins in the mall? Then you start by looking up skirts on the elevator? Yeah, thats what I thought. You’d love to see my panties wouldn’t you? Wonder what color I have on, what kind they are.. I guess you’ll have to wait and see! I bet you’d be in heaven if there were glass floors, so you could look up every girls skirt!
BBC Does it
You think I look hot don’t you? You’d love to get with this. Well.. you just don’t do it for me like a big black cock does. I’m afraid you are of no use to me anymore, except well.. to be my cuckold. Do you know what that is? Giving me everything I want for that BBC. What do you get out of it? Absolutely nothing! White boys like you don’t do it for me, I love a big black cock in my mouth! Hannah Perez is only interested in black dick!
JOI Feet Stink
Kody wants you to spank your monkey to her feet today! They’re so smooth and soft… but they do stink! Kody loves teasing you, pushing her fingers in and out from between her feet. Mocking the fact you’d never get to fuck her feet, but she will get you all worked up thinking about it! Keep dreaming, foot boy! She’s glad her feet smell, she knows you love it when they are extra stinky from all the sweat in her shoes.
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busy times

FetishCon is 2 weeks away, with that said I will be working with the following ladies & people listed below.  If you want a custom video with both of us in it/a slave, get those orders in NOW!   Custom videos for FetCon start at $10 a minute and go up.  Limited number of custom video spots, so don’t wait!


Ceara Lynch

Sarah Diavola

Snobby Alexa

Brat Mabel

Bratty Black Barbie/Princess Lola

Tara Tied

BrattyFootGirls/Jason  Ninja


RACIAL – JOI Darkies love white ass
Ewww.. another darkie staring at my creamy white superior ass. I know you’d enjoy jerking it to my white ass, so get that burnt charred dick out. Since I can make money off of you, I suppose I can let you rub your coon dick to this ass. I’ll give you a few minutes of attention, but only because I can put you in your nig.ger place, this is the closest you will ever come to supreme white ass porch monkey! I’m not sure you’d ever be able to afford to touch it in person, you know I’d charge you double if not triple because of your skin color, haha!
Pantyhose Puppet
I’m wearing the one thing that makes you weak.. thigh high pantyhose! I just love teasing you with them on my perfect legs and feet. I know your dick gets hard when I snap my nylons against my skin, why do you think I do it? I know the outcome. A weak little nylon slut who can’t say no! Stare at them, I dare you. Give in to them… as you should. Pantyhose puppet! After a long hard day, I’d take them off and shove them in your face, forcing you to sniff them!
Clean mouth for feet
slave bart wants to worship my feet today.. but, well… How do I know his mouth is clean? I mean, I wouldn’t want something dirty touching my feet. So, I decide to wash his mouth out with soap first! Shoving a bar of soap in someones mouth has never been this fun! Hahahaha. only after I wash his mouth out with soap can he finally worship my perfect size 9s. He loves kissing my feet, practically making out with them any chance he guess.. and I guess I can let him since his mouth is clean!
JOI Sexy Secretary Feet
As your secretary, I’ve noticed you staring at each pair of shoes I wear in your office every day. Do you have a thing for sexy shoes, boss? Is sexy girls in high heels a weakness of yours? How do these wedges look on my feet? I bet you’d love to see the bottoms of my feet for once, huh? Well, from now on.. I’ll be the one sitting at your desk. You can do the work from now on.. oh yeah, you like my feet huh? I won’t have to lift a finger.. just a foot!
Cock preparation
Hi cock sucker.. or.. wannabe cock sucker. Which are you? Are you going to actually do it this time or just fantasize about it? Either way, I need to teach you how to do it correctly. I plan on using you on my boyfriend, oh yeah. You’re going to put your lips around my boyfriends big dick! Does that excite you? I have a huge strap on for you to practice on, I dont want you disappointing me when it comes time to own up to all those things you say about sucking dick for me!
Itty Bitty Ass Bikini
I want you butt sluts down, on your knees beneath my powerful ass as it takes over your computer screen. It’s also going to take over your thoughts, your life.. everything! Why don’t you come closer, you know you’d love to bury your face in between my ass cheeks covered in this leopard bikini wouldn’t you? I made sure to put the camera super close, so that all you can see is pretty much my huge ass! I bet you’d do anything to have me sit on your face in this itty bitty bikini wouldn’t you? hahaha, keep begging ass bitch!
CEI Feed Yourself
Have we got a little cum eating bitch here today? Well, first you’ve got to pull it out and start touching it. Kally knows its probably already nice and hard from staring at her sexy body. I want it hard and ready to go, because in a couple of minutes you WILL be eating your cum for me. If you want to look at me, you have to eat your cum.. my rules cum guzzler! How about you look at my ass while you play with yourself!
JOI Make it hurt
You want me to help you cum huh? Natasha wants you to play with your dick to her today. Start off slow, you need to last. My polka dot bra peeks out over top of this little white shirt, and my ass hangs out of this school girl skirt.. but thats what gets you going isn’t it? Well, let me remind you.. I make the decisions here, I control you and your dick. Will I be nice or mean today? hmm…
Caught in Headlights
Oh hey virgin.. how old ARE you? You still havent had sex.. thats just pathetic. It must really suck to be you. Have you even felt boobs? Oh, I doubt it.. you’d probably blow instantly. Have you kissed a girl? No… wow. God you’re pathetic. What would you even do with a vagina? You’d be like a deer caught in headlights.. oh, this is what you do? You buy videos of hot girls to make fun of you? Rogue thinks you’re quite the laughing stock of men.
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I hate subs who apply to be my slave, then a week later say it isn’t going as they expected and run the other way.  But yet they ask if they can still call or do webcam, ummm.. RUDE.  Really, all of you half-assed subs make me want to only sell videos and never do webcam or calls again.  Yuck.  This brings me to the fact that yes, I haven’t been doing webcam or calls as much anymore.  I have decided to only do webcam about 2-3 days a week in very small time increments.  If you see me on, you had better take advantage of that opportunity because who knows when you’ll catch me on again.

I won’t be responding to random subs via twitter anymore, no more free attention!  Approach me the correct way, with your wallet open, even better a tribute already sent via Yahoo Messenger.

I have added tons of new pics to my PRIVATE members only twitter… it’s the ONLY way to see weekly pics of me, I will NOT be posting free pictures on my public twitter anymore.

I sent out some hot pic sets on Niteflirt this morning!  Be sure to check your inboxes boys!

I need amazon e-certs for new comp desk, comp chair and stuff for my office!! send to immediately! chop chop boys!

presents I’ve received, a majority of them from slave brad!

Had some loser call me and pay $1000 to blow his load on his own face, hahahah!

I love getting huge clip orders.. I think all should be a minimum of $100 though! 🙂

Smothered by ass and pussy
slave brads obsessed with my ass.. so why not tease him with my pussy too? Sitting on his face must be like a dream come true for him. I hope he can’t breathe as I’m smothering him with my ass and pussy, knowing he enjoys every second I sit on his face with it. In between face sitting I force him to stare at my ass, kiss it and pay it some attention for it sitting on his face. He gasps for breathe as I move from off his face.. bet that gets his dick hard!
Nothing Better to do
Think you deserve my attention? HAH, no way. Why don’t you park yourself behind my ass and stare at it, as it ignores you. Sit down, shut the fuck up and stare. It’s quite simple.. my bright panties ought to catch your attention instantly ass bitch! I have better things to do, like play on my phone and text more important people! You have nothing better to do than stare, at my ass!
Poolside Feet Ruination
Hey foot boys.. I’m here lounging by the pool in . Thomas, teasing you with my perfect size 9 feet. Are you ready to hand over cash for my feet, just like you always do? You know they deserve every cent in your wallet… I don’t even have to say anything, you just lay all that cash at my greedy feet as I have fun on my luxurious vacations! Thats the way it should be foot addict, you can’t say no to my soft size 9 soles can you? Didn’t think so!CAUTION: Winds in background w/ running water.. careful with the volume 🙂

Ass at the Beach
hey ass slut! I’m here in . Thomas, and I figured what better way to use and abuse you than making an ass clip on my balcony with the beach in the background! I even have a betsey johnson black bikini bottom on! Go ahead, stare at my perfect expensive ass, as you look up at it while you’re on your knees beneath it butt slut! Spoil my expensive ass, as if you’d ever get to go on luxury vacations like I do.. pfft, you can pay for my bikinis while I go on vacations!CAUTION: Winds in the background 🙂

JOI You’ll do anything
What are you here for, loser? Oh, attention. Of course, you’re here to gawk at my perfection and jerk that pathetic thing between your legs. Even an ounce of attention from me.. comes at a BIG price. Are you ready to pay the price for my attention loser? Well.. you’ll have to do something for my attention after all, especially when you touch your dick. Ready for some tasks? They will be humiliating, after all…

You Annoy Me
Hey loser.. you actually BUY these videos? You put your hard earned cash towards bratty bitchy girls like me who would NEVER give you the time of day! You probably dont have a girlfriend, you just sit at home all day long on your computer and wanking off to girls like me! Tara Tied would never give you any attention, I love treating you like though, you eat it up don’t you loser? Hahahaha
Craving Ass
Hi denim slut, back to check out my ass again in denim? Do you like these little shorts? Kally wants to know if they are tight enough for you, how perfectly does her ass hang out from them? You wish you could touch my ass don’t you? I’d never let that happen, you aren’t worthy denim bitch! If you beg I might show you my thong! You crave my ass, you’re probably panting at the thought!
JOI Quickly
Hey quick cummer.. are you already stroking to me? I heard you’re a 1 minute man.. you’re over there stroking it so hard, staring at my sexy ass. Oh, did you already cum? I heard its quick.. especially when you’re staring at a body like mine. Holly loves humiliating you quick cummers, you can’t even last long enough for her to fully tease you! I need someone that lasts all night long, and your 1 minute doesnt cut it!
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new design + fetishcon

As I broadcasted yesterday, my new website design is live. GJRatedP / Goddess Jennifer / Kinky Kustoms is the one who designed it, she did an amazing job and I highly recommend her for any Dommes wanting their websites re-done or a new one made!

I had a good time in New Orleans with slave brad, I posted 2 photos of me on my Exclusive Members only twitter account @MilanoEvelyn from my trip to New Orleans, you won’t see these photos anywhere else.  Membership is $75 for 3 months, and you fucking morons stop trying to add me without paying.  Learn to read and follow instructions.

I have had 2 spots open up for FetishCon, and I am looking for other Dommes who want to do a 1 hr content trade with me.  Contact me ASAP because I know those spots will fill up fast!

I will be releasing more videos from my other site, Devious Dommes more often than in the past!  So check the newest videos out!

I also added 16 new clips available for sale on Niteflirt!  Check them out at my PTV site:

Red Stiletto Manipulation
I’m ready to mindfuck slave brad again with some new red stilettos he bought me. What better way to show him exactly where he belongs, than sitting on top of him with my feet in high heels directly in his face? I command him to lick the bottoms and kiss them. When I think hes enjoyed the shoes he bought me enough, I take them off and stick my soles in his face!
Scrawny Wimp vs Strong brat
Hi scrawny wimp! Do you really think you could take me on? PLEASE! Look at my arms, my biceps, my legs. You don’t stand a chance… Do you think that you would win in a fight against me? I highly doubt it, you wouldn’t know what to do with a strong woman like me in your weak presence! I bet you can’t pop your muscles like I can.. go ahead and try, I need a laugh!
Grovel for spit
Aww… are you one of those little losers who like hot girls spit? Good, you’re beneath me. I expect your mouth open at all times, groveling on your hands and knees ready to catch whatever I may spit your way. If you miss it, I expect you to lick it up off the floor immediately. My spit is worth a lot, it shouldn’t go to waste spit bitch. Oh, I’ll tease you first.. letting my spit dangle in front of you, work for it!

JOI Cuck Beach Feet
ah… a nice relaxing vacation with my man. Funded by you cuckies of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean.. your dick is useless to me. Thats why I have him! I guess you can stroke your useless dick, since thats the only attention it will get… hahaha! Come on little cuckie, get your dick out and stroke to my mans feet! While on vacation, we expect you to cover all expenses. Our drinks, dinners, snorkeling, parasailing.. the whole 9 yards. oh, the bed.. yeah… we fucked on it. My man gives you a countdown to blow your little cuck load too!
Beach Feet RIP OFF
Ah, another way to get money from you pathetic money foot sluts! Can you handle me sitting on a rock cliff at the beach, with the wind blowing my hair, the waves and water crashing behind me and my feet in your face? Just enjoy the view cash foot bitch, I don’t have to say anything and I take your breathe away.. oh and your cash! hahahah.CAUTION: STRONG WINDS IN THE BACKGROUND… I warned you 🙂

Hard for feet
hi foot bitch! I know you secret.. not only are you infatuated with my feet, you’re also into having your marriage or relationship ruined! Your disgusting wife doesn’t compare…. when was the last time she even got a pedi or painted her toe nails? Yeah… its been ages hasn’t it? When it comes to my size 9s, they easily take down anyone who stands in their way. Which would be, your wife. Nothing gets your dick hard anymore, expect my feet and bratty ways!
Over powering ass
the first black minion to get his face shoved up in my ass! I know he enjoyed every second with my perfect creamy white ass. I start off making him kiss it in these green metallic booty shorts that ride up it so perfectly. I tell him to lick it, and I shake it in his face just to get him all excited. Hes one lucky little fucker, isn’t he? We all know my white girl booty is big! Everyone is in love with my ass, just like this little ass puppet!

JOI Sparks for Feet
So, you wanna masturbate? You wanna get off… well first I want you to start rubbing your shaft. To my feet, of course! Red knows you wish she’d give you a foot job, but thats not going to happen! She will tease you about it though, with her sexy soles! I’m sure you dream about cumming on feet all day long, don’t you foot bitch? I bet sparks are flying off your hands with as fast as you’re jerking to my wrinkled feet!
Dreaming of Glory Holes
What’s this Hannah Perez hears about someone liking more than just pussy? You like the cock too huh? You’re a boy.. you’re not supposed to like other boys! I bet you want to explore it a little more huh? Just pull that guys pants down and start sucking it.. I’m sure he’d like it! Don’t be shy… I wont tell anyone.. oh well, I might! Hahaha… Do you want it up your ass cock sucker? You’re the kind of boy who always dreamed about gloryholes!
JOI Spank it
Ass whore is what you are, and I want you to jack your dick to my ass! Pull your dick out, and spank it to my fucking ass! How does it look hanging out of this skimpy little skirt? Kody is quite the dirty little tease, she has no qualms about putting you where you belong.. beneath her ass! You’ll need to jerk it to her ass once you get a glimpse of it.. oh and, the tiny thong she has on beneath is a little bit TOO revealing.. maybe you’ll get a peak!
Dirty & Digusting Heels
Since you’re my little foot slut and love feet so much.. I have these nasty, dirty, worn stiletto high heels. I need YOU to clean them for me. Kally wants you to lick from the top, to the bottom.. oh and don’t forget the cracks! You like having your tongue on my shoes and feet don’t you? I know your dick enjoys being beneath my dirty high heels, but no touching!
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new stuff coming soon

First off, I want to say thanks to all the lovely ladies who commented on my previous article. It feels good to know I am not the only one who has noticed the changes going on. Only we can put a stop to the nonsense, so stand your ground and show them who’s really in charge!

I will be leaving Thursday to travel to where slave brad lives, he’s flying me out to see his city for 4 days, and of course do some fun sessioning!  I will not be doing phone or webcam Thurs-Sunday, so you’ll have to get your fix with clips in the mean time.

I have started a new PRIVATE exclusive twitter; sort of like a members only twitter!  I will post exclusive pictures multiple times a week(minimum 3 pics a week, but I’m sure there will be more!), as well as an exclusive video that I let members vote on the theme/fetish monthly!  There will also be tweets that aren’t posted on my other account.  The cost is $75 per 3 months(3 months is easier for me to keep up with payment etc rather than monthly), you can pay via Niteflirt or Amazon Ecert to my email.    Send the $75 fee first, and then add me on the account DELETED I figured this would be a fun way to allow more interaction, for instance I could tweet on there asking what color should I get my toenails painted while I’m at the nail salon, etc!

Here is the button to pay via NF:

I am currently getting a new website layout designed by Kinky Kustoms, It should be up within a week or so.  So be on the  lookout for that!  Everything will be completely re-done.

JOI Marriage Destroying Ass
Who’s going to leave their wife for my ass, hmmm? I know tons of you addicts would in a heart beat! You’re all about my ass, you’d eat it UP! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love knowing my ass destroys marriages, and relationships. My ass is perfection, and your wife is pathetic. I win, she loses. You’d bury your face in my ass over her pussy any day of the week! Such an ass slut, and you know it’s fucking up your relationship! So jerk to the demise of your relationship, all for me!
JOI Sisters Feet
My little brother can’t resist my powerful soles. I know you’re always staring at my feet lil bro, and today you’re going to jerk it to my feet since you’re obsessed. You aren’t even staring at my tits or my ass.. no, just my feet! How pathetic lil bro! I bet you dream about big sis wrapping my feet around your dick. I bet you even sneak into my bedroom at night and lift the covers off my feet just to stare at them don’t you?
Spandex Ass
I love doing yoga. Stretching my legs and body out feels so good. Why wouldn’t I use my ass in tight yoga pants as I stretch out against you? It gives you the perfect view of my ass in many positions. I know you get weak when my ass is in front of you in tight spandex, don’t you? You can’t resist watching as I stretch this way, and that way. I dare you to try to take your eyes off my ass.. I always win!
Blackmailed by Boots
I know you are eyeballing my sexy, powerful boots. You can’t imagine your life without a strong woman in boots standing over top of you, putting you in your weak place. I intend on making you weak with them, weak enough to do something you’d never imagined. These leather boots will use their power to get what they want, and you WILL give them what they want, won’t you little addict? Something to entrap you, where they ALWAYS will control you.
Foot addicts obsession
This little foot addict just can’t get enough of my feet. What would he do for my feet? He says anything. Hahaha.. I know he loves burying his nose in my feet, so first I make him just stare at them. I love teasing you addicts in any way I can. Sitting on top of him shows him his place too, I love towering over top of you minions as I force you to submit. This addict massages my feet, kisses them and sniffs them as much as he can. I don’t let him spend too much time with them though, as he doesn’t deserve much attention.
Little Man
Hi little man! you like to play with big women huh? ones who can crush and destroy you? you’re so small, I have to bend over to even talk to you! you’re a small miniature freak who likes to be toyed with! Natasha likes making fun of small little men who are helpless against her, after shes done humiliating you, she might just crush you.. but who knows, only if she feels up to it!
Crossfit Socks
hi loser! Rogue is no stranger to crossfit, she likes to work out, and work out HARD! She worked out so hard in these socks today, she ripped a hole in them. They don’t even match! Do you think she cares? No. She doesn’t even like you, shes just here to berate you for liking stinky socks.. what a piece of work you are! Rogue just wants to shove them in your face, down your throat, you’re pathetic. Come on foot bitch, sniff them! They’re filthy.. they are discolored! But you like that!


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Thoughts about online scene

I have learned a lot and saw a lot in my 6 years of doing online domination.  Yes, things have indeed changed in the last 3 years.  When I first started in 2007, videos/clips we rare.  I could sell a 3 minute video for $25 easily.  I got way more phone calls than anything.  Money flowed more freely back in the day, and now I find myself blocking half the people that contact me because they have no intention on paying for my time, they simply want to chat and jerk for free.

Back in 2007 I had slaves who were loyal to me, who sent me hundreds of dollars each month for no reason other than they appreciated me, my time, and the services I provided.  Yes, they would buy videos or see me on webcam.  However, they always sent me tributes with no expectation of receiving anything in return.  Where did they all go?  Now, I deal with fucktards who message me saying they want to call/buy webcam time/who make promises, only to sign off in the middle of a conversation.  Why do you bother to say you’re going to do something, when you know you are never going to do it in the first place?

Financial Domination and money slavery have drastically changed in the time I’ve been doing this.  This is what it means to me; A tribute is just that, a tribute.  With a tribute you do not expect anything in return what-so-ever.  To me, being a money slave does not consist of just ‘transactions.’  For instance, buying a video or cam time does not constitute financial domination as it is a transaction.  You, the buyer get something in return whether it be a video or seeing me on webcam.  I am indeed “working” for the money.  I love how there are all these cheap ass ‘slaves’ running around saying they are into financial domination, yet they call my phone line at $3.99 a minute and think me making only $15 off a call with them is money slavery.  When I tell them to send me a tribute, they say they will and never do.  You are not a money slave.  You are a fetishist who’s dick gets hard when he THINKS about spending massive amounts of money, and there are plenty of you multiplying each and every day.  Do not approach me and say you are a slave, you aren’t.  You’re just someone who’s here to get their rocks off and then go back to thinking you’re mr-macho-pants until your dick gets hard again.

You wonder why all of the top Dommes don’t talk for free anymore, why we make clips instead of doing webcam time.  This is why; when we do try to communicate with you, you want to talk for free for 10 mins about the webcam session you are ‘thinking’ of having with us, only to sign off and never pay, or we have to talk you into buying webcam time which takes up more of our time.  We have wasted 10 mins of our time for nothing.  I’m not going to hold your hand and talk you into doing something.  I literally HATE doing webcam now, most of the time people buy my yahoo ID and have no intention on calling, they just want to message me constantly and try to talk for free..  Where does that get you?  With me, BLOCKED.   I will treat you like a “transaction” and that means I don’t do or say anything until I get PAID.

To me, this is a business.  This is MY business.  I have learned over the years to operate in the most efficient way.  Wouldn’t you do the same thing?  Would you rather work the 10 hour job a day that pays $8 an hour or the 4 hour job a day that pays $50 an hour?  You’d def take the 4 hour job with higher pay.  I look at it that way.  If I know you are a time waster, or someone who is cheap/needy, the chances are you won’t get any attention from me what-so-ever or until you PAY.  Why?  Because there is someone else who will respect my time and attention and pay what it is worth.  I choose to smash clips out instead of communicating with you morons because it is much easier that way, and less stressful.

The truth is, most REAL money slaves these days aren’t into actual financial domination from the get-go.  In my experience, they are into other fetishes.  Once they have become loyal to you and appreciate you, they tend to let their money flow more freely into your hand.  They do not consider themselves money slaves, because the last few years.. the view of money slavery has went downhill drastically.  I pretty much laugh at anyone who says they are money slaves these days.  Here one day, gone the next.  Just as quickly as they blow their load, they have disappeared.  You can count on that.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are one of those who comes and goes, I’m okay with that! However, don’t feed me some line of bullshit saying you want to be my owned slave only to run away 2 days later.  If you want to drop $500 in one day and then disappear in a few hours, I am okay with that.  Just don’t lie or exaggerate about your length of stay.  Honesty is key.

I want to mention my #1 slave, brad.  He never started out as a financial slave.  He simply ordered some custom clips from me and we started communicating through yahoo messenger.  He sent me money for talking with him, he bought me gifts off of amazon to show his appreciation.  Where has that gotten him?  I consider him one of my best friends and he is my #1 and most loyal slave.  I talk daily with him, he texts me.  He flys out to visit me often, and we session.  I actually have FUN with him, believe it or not!  I get thousands from him each month now, and he doesn’t even think twice about it, nor does he expect anything from it.  He also gets a lot of my time and attention in return.

This brings me to the fact that I consider myself a lifestyle Domme, not a professional Domme.  Don’t get this confused, I still run a business online and expect to get paid for it online when you approach me.  However, to those few slaves I have who are loyal to me… they actually get a lot more in return after being generous and kind to me than you ever will.  I actually WANT to build relationships with my slaves.  Where have all of the long-term slaves disappeared to?  Is everyone just fetishists now that disappear?

This is not a fantasy to me, this is reality.  Sure, you can buy my videos and jerk off to them and pretend everything is a fantasy in your own little world.. DURING A VIDEO.  I I like to have fun with videos myself and roleplay some times(such as I’m your secretary, or big sister, etc).  However, the second you approach me, message me and want attention from me, know this: I am a 100% real Domme.  You are dealing with the REAL me, not a video that doesn’t interact. I do NOT roleplay during phone/webcam/chatting. I expect you to be respectful and obedient when contacting me.  Don’t feed me some bullshit about what you are ‘thinking’ about doing.  I expect you to do what you say you are going to do.  Know that if you waste my time, you are getting blocked and I will never believe another word you say.  I don’t care how much you spend, if you’ve wasted my time or not followed through with something, you can pretty much drop dead.  If you’re a time wasting cheap ass, stick to buying my videos and don’t message me.

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poem and more

First off, I had one of my little minions write my ass a poem… it was so cute I thought I’d post it here for everyone to see!


Your ass is so beautiful and so pretty it makes me weak and dim witty

It is so big and so round I want to surrender and bow down

Your ass is so soft and so smooth it makes me stare and I can’t move

Your ass is sacred and divine I want to worship it until the end of time


I will be out of town July 11-14th and will not be available for phone or webcam for those 4 days.  I have one spot left open during FetishCon in August if any subs wants a 1 hour session or so while I am there.  Rates are very expensive, so no cheap ass mofos.  Same rules apply as stated on my website regarding RT sessions.

BNtfBbfCMAAz7nR.jpg large

BNtTcJgCIAIVYfR.jpg large

slave brad paid for my pedi last week!

Red Delicious Booty
slave brad is beneath my powerful red ass once again. Of course he can’t get enough of my ass, especially when its in red. Red is one of the weaknesses that I started to use against him. I love making him kiss my ass, and bury his face in it so deep that he can’t breathe. I’m certain he loves it just as much as I do. Thats why he keeps coming back, you see. Just like you! Only you wish you could be this close to my ass, you’ll just have to live vicariously through him!
White Dick vs Allah
hey my little muslim bitches, look at what I have here? Is this quran special to you? It’s your holy book, and I bet it means SO much to you doesn’t it? What the FUCK do these pages say? I can’t even understand it.. it’s like blah blah blah allah, blah blah. Fuck allah, and his stupid book. You want to know what I think of this book? I’ll rub my big white strap-on dildo all over it, smack it with it. You know what I want you to do for me? I want YOU to rip some pages from it and spit on it and use the pages to jerk your little muslim dick!

Bitch on a leash
You really want to get treated like a bitch huh? like my little pet. Well bitch, I have quite the humiliation for you today then! I have this nice pink collar for you to wear around your neck bitch, get down on all fours. Oh and since d.ogs don’t wear clothes, I want you to strip completely naked. You’ll be my little bitch for the day. I’ll even hook you to a leash and walk you around. Of course you’ll have to do some tricks for me too..
Up My Summer Dress
Hmm.. what do we have here.. one of those little pervs who love peeking up hot girls skirts? Yeah, you are one of those aren’t you? Well, I’m wearing this brand new sexy little summer dress and you might get to be the first little perv to look up it! But, you’re going to have to endure a little teasing and my bratty ways first. You’ll have to work for it, of course. Can you guess what kind of panties I have on, what color they are?
Shopping Spree Fun
slave brad took me shopping earlier today, I made him spend quite a bit. I got tired and had to stop.. we went back the day after too. slave brad went from sending tributes and buying me things off my amazon wishlist to finally being able to take me shopping in person. I force slave brad to show everyone what he bought me, and make him take a guess at how much he has spent on me in the 6 months he had been serving me at that point.. he was off by a few grand!
Give it up
Tara heard you liked to be blackmailed.. so today she’s going to have a little fun with you. Oh whats that.., you want to see her ass? Well, shes going to need some information from you first. Like… your wifes name. Oh, you want to see her spank her ass? She’ll need the name of your place and the address. You get how this works little victim? Yeah, by the end of this video, all control will be mine. I’ll mold you into whatever I see fit, however I see fit, all with blackmail!
Giant Cancerous Wart
Oh there you are again, little limp dick loser. Show me, it can’t be THAT bad. Okay um…… thats actually worse, what is that? microscopic, teeny, tiny.. thats nothing! Dicklet, man clit. What do you do with that? Do you play DJ with that thing? Shauna Ryanne can’t believe how you were born with that small dick, she hopes it can be medically fixed. How have you made it this far in life? It’s not even cute. It’s like a giant cancerous wart.
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new camcorder

So I got a new sony $1,500 camcorder the other day, filmed some clips with it and took some pictures also this past weekend(OMG I’m in love with this camcorder already!)  I’ll be sending the cuckolding pictures I took with it out on wednesday probably, however you wont get to see the cuckolding clips I filmed until like August as I have a huge queue of clips way before them.  I do want to note that with my new camcorder, I will only be putting out MP4 formats starting some time in August, I will no longer be offering vids in WMV format.  So if you’re someone who uses WMV stuff, I suggest you download VLC player to be prepared.

BNd59YmCEAA1pjP.jpg large

$1,500 never looked so good, huh?

BNUaXreCAAElLjL.jpg large

I <3 big clip sales!

BNX7xRkCYAALO79.jpg large

A little teaser picture I took for all the cuckies out there this past weekend of me and my bf!

BNVMyaTCYAAYcR3.jpg large

and presents 🙂

BNCtBMdCQAAPj7J.jpg large

This is what 400 sentences looks like, slave brad got in trouble!


Armpit Sex
Ew, another fucking weirdo whos obsessed with armpits. WHAT THE FUCK do you like about armpits? Like seriously, they’re gross. Here you are foaming at the mouth waiting to lap up sweat and deoderant from my pits, arent you? You go to the pool just to see girls lay out in hopes they put their arms behind their heads exposing their armpits. I bet you’d fuck an armpit if you could.. GROSS! Well, I might let you fuck my armpit, but then you’d be forced to eat your own jizz off of it, hahaha! Yeah right!
Twice the Metallic Ass – Ft Princess Lyne
hey metallic ass sluts… Evelyn Milano and Princess Lyne’s asses covered in metallic are about to blow your fucking weak mind! Our asses are so shiny, you are so worked up aren’t you butt slut? We both bet you’d love to smell our ass… smells like heaven! You get so weak when we snap our tight metallic pants against our skin, and we both love doing it just to torture you! Who’s ready for a little ass mindfucking today?
Feet in your face
I made slave bart get down on the floor so I could prop myself up on him and be comfy while he enjoys being beneath my perfect size 9s. slave bart truly enjoys right where he is, hes practically making out with my feet the entire video. I make him lick them, sniff them and kiss them.. everything they deserve of course. He even starts to turn red.. as if I care, hes forced to continue worshiping my size 9s anyways!
JOI Red Denim Manipulation
How hot does my ass look in these bright red designer jeans? I bet your hand is already on your dick, isn’t it jeans slut? When I sway or shake my ass, the cute little rhinestones glimmer in the light.. they accentuate my ass so perfect don’t they? It’s like my ass is covered in diamonds! The only job you have is make me and my ass happy and buy it denim like this.. oh and jerk your pathetic addicted dick of course!
What You Want the Most
Kally wants to know how her tits look in this dress? She knows they look WAY better than what you have at home! You MUCH prefer staring at Kally on your computer screen than your wife in person. Just be done with her already! I am what you want, you WANT to see me. I own your cock, you can only get off to me, isn’t that right? Your wife never wears fishnets, she doesn’t look sexy like I do. I’m everything she isn’t. Hah, do what you know you shouldn’t do… all for me!
Metallic Bikini Armpits
Hollys your typical blonde bitch who likes tanning and laying out at the pool. So of course she was doing just that earlier today, working up quite the sweat for you. Oh and, lets not forget shes still wearing one of those cute bikini tops for you, but most of all.. shes going to flash you her stinky armpits, pit bitch! She knows how much you want to sniff them, to rub your fingers and tongue across them! Who the their right mind likes armpits, ew! She even left some armpit stubble for you too, cuz she doesn’t even care!
CEI All The Cum Places
Red wants to know what exactly DO you do with your cum after you jack off? She heard that you eat it! Ewwww, gross.. its so salty and creamy…. why do you like that! I bet you think about nipples when you jack off, and cumming on nipples and licking it off.. hahaha. Red loves thinking of all the places she’d make you lick your cum off of on her body.. shes pretty creative… and she knows you’d do it to cum slut!
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Hey cucks!  Guess what?  My boyfriend will be here Friday night – tuesday afternoon.  What does that mean?  We will both be available for phone on Niteflirt as well as webcam!  Webcam with the both of us will be $10 a minute, and we will probably be available for webcam on saturday and sunday!  We are also going to make some vids sat/sun, so if any of you cuckies want a custom video with my boyfriend in it, get that order in NOW!  The rate for custom vids w/ the both of us is $20 per minute with a 5 minute minimum.  We will also be taking some photos, so look for photosets soon!

I have also updated my cuckolding page on my website, it reflects a new screenshot from a  video that has yet to be released.  There is more info there as well!

I will also be adding a few things he wants to my amazon wishlist later tonight for him, so you can buy gifts for him too!

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PTV store

I have a HOT new FINDOM video out that you DON’T want to miss.  I have only released one other clip like this, and that was a year ago.  Of course, it’s only for REAL pay sluts.  It comes at a hefty price of $100 for a mere 5 mins,  but it’s worth it, I promise. The one last year was a huge hit!  You can find it below…. but don’t think you’ll get a peak of whats to ensue.. you have to pay for that bitch!  It’s only available on C4S right now, it’ll be sent out on NF in a week or so!

I had a simple page where I listed all my NF ptvs on my website, but I have created a subdomain on my website specifically for Niteflirt that is compliant with their retarded rules so that I can link to it directly from my niteflirt listings etc.  You can now find all my videos (well, the ones I CAN sell on Niteflirt from like 2010 and newer) here at the following link, as well as some of my previous photosets all in one place instead of having to hunt them down on each of my listings.  I will be adding new videos and photo sets here too from now on.  Be on the look out for assignments etc also in the future to come!

I have also redone my Niteflirt listing design.. I think its important to keep things fresh and to change things up often.  Using old pictures just doesn’t work with me!  I like you minions drooling over current pictures! So go check it out too!

BM01d0nCMAA1zBX.jpg large

I was on webcam last night.. feeling very greedy, which led to this..

BM10SZeCQAEjNzI.jpg large

An addict who has been buying my videos for 3 years worked up the nerve to finally call me.  He made the mistake of saying “I’ll do ANYTHING for you….”  well, that anything was send me a big fat tribute.  hahahahaha, watch your words minions!  🙂

BMvtq9aCYAApUao.jpg large

BMqPAzCCQAASIt9.jpg largeBMlyAvLCYAAEtqW.jpg large

I’ll pluck what I can
I bet you browse the internet all day looking at hot girls you’d never actually be able to get, isn’t that right loser? Come on.. I want to hear you say how you’d NEVER, EVER get a hot girl like me, which is why you spend countless hours staring at me, buying my videos, touching that dick to them.. because its all you can get! Getting you addicted to my bratty humiliation, wrapping you around my finger is my specialty. Go ahead, stare at my ass and tits, contribute to your own demise loser!
JOI Expensive Torture – RIPOFF
5 mins of pure torture of me no clothes on, once again. You thought I’d actually show you a picture of it? hahaha.. no way, you’ll have to buy the actual video! Quite the rare treat isn’t it little pay slut? The big price is worth every second of me laying here with no clothes on, on my new couch. I love taking your hard earned money so easily. You willingly fork over that $100 as if it were nothing just to see a glimpse of me with no clothes on. Stroke that ATM cock that I own, that I WILL drain dry, because if you think you’re going to be able to cum without paying to cum, you’re wrong. I want MORE, I always want more cash slut. No panties, no bra.. can you handle it?
JOI Powerful Pink Stilettos
Summers around the corner, and there girls just like me who tease you in public wearing sexy stilettos like these right here. The ones that make so horny… get your dick out because today we’re going to be having so much fun with that dick and these bright pink stilettos since you adore them so much. The ones you’ve been waiting all winter for. I know you’d do anything to run that tongue up and down the heel and lick the bottom of them and worship them wouldn’t you? You belong beneath my powerful pink stilettos
Sissy Gifts
I just got back from shopping at the mall.. my addiction is shopping! What girl doesn’t love to shop, right? You should love to shop, but while I was there, I thought of you sissy! I got you a gift! Wanna see it?! I got you a cute little makeup bag complete with a few tools you’ll need.. yep! Oh, and if you want to see what else, I guess you’ll just have to buy the video! It will all come in handy, to make you the best sissy ever, I promise!
Humongous Ass
Are you STARING at me little man? You are totally perving up at me aren’t you? You can’t take your eyes off me… off my giant ass! Can you? I think you’re getting weak, feeling inferior, at the fact you’re just so tiny compared to me and the fact I could squish you beneath my powerful ass. Look at it dangling over you covered in leopard print, it could do tons of things to a little midget man like you.. I could give you a list, but I’d rather just torture you instead!
Stuttering Virgin
Hannah Perez heard some virgin loser is trying to check her out… so, you’re a virgin? You look kind of old! Like, 35? How are you still a virgin, well, thats obvious, nevermind! Anywhere I go you’re always checking me out, stuttering. You don’t know how to talk to me, you just sound like an idiot! Hannahs long dark hair and pale gorgeous skin drives you wild doesn’t it, poor virgin? You look like , she looks like a million bucks. You’ll never get her, face it virgin!
Just Decoys
As your roomies, we are not okay with you using our computers without our permission. We need to have a talk with you about what WE found on OUR computer. Um.. why were you looking at TRANNY porn? GROSS! I thought you were straight? Well, since you seem to like the cock so much, we think its time you start practicing for us, how does that sound? I mean, we have to have fun with this some how right? Hahaha, our roomie, dreaming of cock all day long! All those girls you brought over were just decoys weren’t they?! Evelyn Milano & Kody will force you to work the corner for them roomie!
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