I have ultimately decided to cancel my trip to FetCon.  As usual I had some cancellations within the few weeks right before it, and due to that it has made it not worth my time or the $$ I would invest traveling there.  FetCon was going to be the last event I attended due to all of these cancellation problems I’ve had with people in the past, but I guess I wont even be attending it due to more cancellations!  Go figure. haha.  Oh well. I would much rather take that money and use it for a vacation.

Speaking of vacations, my trip to mexico was awesome.  Unfortunately I went a little hard the first day and got sunburned even though I applied SPF religiously.  I haven’t tanned at all since January, can you say pasty?  Well, now I’m sun kissed!  I took tons of pictures, but of course I only posted a few select ones.  If you want to see more pics you’ll just have to pay for part of the trip, bitches!  Plus my first class ticket!



Here are a few presents I’ve received recently!


Some of my clips in the top 50!


slave brad was here a few weeks ago and we made some new videos and took some pics!  You can find some for sale on images4sale or Niteflirt!


Check out some of my latest clips!

You Deserve It $12

Just Do It Already $12

Wolford Hose Covered Feet $12

Bare It All $100

Drenched Ass $12

Curvy Ass Cheeks $8

Seduced by legs $7

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