Vacay + fetcon

I will be going on Vacation next week Thursday July 10th- Monday July 14th with my boyfriend(cuckies step up!!).   I will be unavailable, this means no phone calls, no cam, no email, no niteflirt.  I will not be checking my messages or working.  I might pop onto twitter to post a sexy picture but don’t expect any responses.

I will be attending FetishCon next month.  I will only be there for 48 hours.  In and out, and quick to the point of business only.   I will be working with the following ladies:

Sarah Diavola

Domme Kyaa

Princess Lacey

Mistress B

and a new submissive female which I plan to use the fuck out of and film some hot content!

Not as many as I normally work with, but it appears not many ladies are attending FetCon this year.  This will be the last FetCon I attend for awhile, if I ever attend again that is.  I will not be working the C4S booth.  If you had the hopes of meeting me, well maybe you’ll run into me while I’m getting lunch or dinner… and should you interrupt, you better have $$$ in your hand coming towards me.

slave brad flew in today around lunch time.  He’s currently cleaning my house.  We’re going to film some clips tomorrow and then he has more errands and chores to do around my house, but first tonight we’re going to a 4th of July party.

I was on cam earlier today, if you missed me tough shit!  I don’t wait around for anyone to “send” money.  Some of you say you’re going to pay and then take 30 mins.. I don’t wait.  I sign off and go about my business.




some presents I’ve gotten



Your Cum is Mine $13

Alpha Female $12

Humiliation Boner $12

Thick Wallet $12

Pick A Color $12

Clean Both $8


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