yay summer!

slave brad will be flying in the first weekend of July.  We plan on filming quite a few clips, so if anyone has a custom video that requires a slave to be in it, order now!  Custom videos w/ slaves are $20 a minute and have to be 10 mins long.  I will NOT be taking anymore orders for this after June 27th.


The 2nd week in July I will be going to Mexico for vacation, it’s already booked.  I’ll be staying on an island I went to a few years ago, it was small and quaint.  I much prefer a quiet location to a loud and busy location.  I won’t have much internet access while I am there(just enough to check emails once a day probably), so I wont be online.

Yesterday I had new shingles put on my entire roof, which was a whopping $5500.  Guess who’s money paid?  Oh that would be all of yours.  Hand it over.


Here are a few of the presents I’ve received recently:




So theres this ‘slave’ Dr. that has been calling me for awhile, except lately he got on my bad side.  He still repeatedly clicks on my NF listings (yes I can see each and EVERY one who clicks) even though he knows he owes me money.  What happens when I tell you to send $500 and you dont?  It turns into $1000.  What happens when you still haven’t sent me the $1000?  It doubles to $2000.  So needless to say this pathetic loser owes me $2000 currently and the price will KEEP GOING UP for every week I hate to wait.  Should have just sent what you had when you originally owed the $500! dumb dumb!



My CAM lines will be on today and some other time this weekend, so buy cam time or call me when you can bitches!  Heres my cam pic from 2 weeks ago, I don’t post one every time I do cam.. just when I’m feeling extra nice.


Each and Every Day $12

Weak and Dizzy $13

Gaping Wide $12

Shattered Balls $10

Peak Of Power $12

Just A Bank $7

CEI Yummy To Look At $8


Also check out my member site!  Over 350 clips for 1 low price!



OR Check out all my videos on Niteflirt!


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