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Hey losers!  I’ve decided I’m taking a vacation some time soon.. think I’m going to hit up Mexico!  Haven’t fully decided yet, but I’ll be making my decision very soon, which means you nameless wallets need to start forking over that $$$ and pampering me properly and paying for my entire vacation, just as you should!

you can send tributes here:

As of right now I am still going to FetCon, however I have removed a few days from my travel.  I will only be there 2.5 days instead of 4.  I will be there Thursday afternoon – Saturday Morning, in and out very quickly. Strictly business.  My schedule is completely full, booked.  I am not available at all.

I spotted a few of my clips in the top 50 on clips4sale this morning!

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here are a few presents I’ve received recently!

you can buy me more here:

A sexy picture I took about 2 weeks ago while I was making videos!



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Tons of amazon e-certs recently!!!

All These Legs $12

Flushed Away $12

Handful $12

Jerk Zombie Fun $12

One Cum Load At A Time $12

Mouthful of Dirt $9

Hard Long Workout Stench $7

Throw Away The Key $7

Jealous Wife $8

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