homewrecked dick sucking sissy

I just have to write about this, and I’m sure this is only the beginning of this losers downward spiral.  I had this loser contact me online about 2 weeks ago asking for some photos.  That developed into more ruination, which has led to me ruining his relationship with his girlfriend.  Little did she know he was out sucking dick at gay bars in HER pantyhose, oh yeah.. he was.  Oh and, I told her, of course!  He pretty much begged me to.  She dumped him.  The best part?  He’s in Raleigh currently.  I made him go get a pedicure this morning at the mall, and then sent him to victoria secret to buy a pair of panties and pantyhose to wear.

image image(1)



stay tuned for more in the future, I’m sure…


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