Busy Spring!

I will be traveling to Atlanta April 24th-27th.  I plan to spend a day at Six Flags and also go indoor skydiving!  I am SO looking forward to it!

I have 2 open spots available for REAL TIME sessions while I am there.  I am accepting bookings for those spots up until April 15th, after that you’re out of luck.  I have decided to permanently no longer offer real time sessions anymore after April.  April will be THE last month I will EVER offer real time sessions so get them while you can, either in my home town/raleigh area or in Atlanta.  If you ask for one after April the answer will always be NO.

RT session info is located here


I have a lot going on this coming month with my house, so I probably wont be around much.  I have so much work being done.  I have hired a company to power wash my deck and fence, and then they will be staining it($3k).  I just had someone replace my entire water softner system for my house last week($1.5k).  I just purchased over $1k worth of trees which will soon be planted in my backyard.  The list is never-ending now that spring is here and summer is on it’s way!  I plan to have a lot of stuff re-done in my front yard landscaping wise as well.

I just realized that march is my 7 year anniversary for being an online Domme.  Can you believe it, 7 years?  Not many can say they have been around that long.  I was able to find a picture of myself from 7 years ago when I first started, here it is losers… Many Dommes come and go, but I am here to STAY!


photo(2) photo(1)

here are some presents I’ve gotten recently.  I just added some new summer sandals to my wishlist, so get on it foot boys and spoil my feet this spring with new shoes!


Check out my newest Niteflirt clips, I updated my NF PTV Store the other day


and buy up my new clips4sale clips!

Betrayed by Dick $13

RACIAL – Pick Cotton For Ass $15

Hypn0sis – Foot Focused $13

Suck My Dick Bitch – $11

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