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My First Experience
Come on, unzip those pants and whip that dick out. I wanna see what you’re working with. OMG, what is that? it doesn’t even qualify for a dick, it’s so TINY! LOL! Why would I want a guy with a micro dick?! Let me tell you a story.. about my first experience with a dick. Oh man.. it was the biggest dick I had ever seen in my entire life. I lost my virginity to a dick that was so big, it set the bar for the rest of my life. I now crave huge cock, and yours just DOESN’T compared in any form!

Honeymoon Secret
Hi honey.. theres something that I need to tell you now that we’re married. I haven’t been honest, I think its time we have a talk. You’re going to need to book an extra airline flight and hotel room for our honeymoon… someones coming along with us. You know your best friend David? He’s going to come with us.. and for a good reason!

JOI Balls in pain
I know I’m ready to torture those balls of yours, but are you ready? You’ll need a few things.. some ice, a crop/whip, a stinky sock, and a spatula. I want you to stroke your dick for me, while adding in a little CBT. Sounds fun, right? We’ll see.. I don’t like little pussy hits, you better wack those balls and dick with some force! I hope by the end of the video, your balls and dick are as red as my sexy outfit!

RACIAL – White Goddess Feet
hi foot nig! That’s right, stare at my creamy white soles with dark red toenail polish. you have never seen such perfection. You’re infatuated with my feet, and to top it off.. I love making fun of you because you’re a disgusting porch monkey! How’s it feel being degraded by a hot, WHITE blonde bitch? you love it, in fact.. you CRAVE it. It’s the only thing that gets your rocks off.. so come on burnt dick loser, get on your dirty knees and worship my feet!

Amuse Me
Calling all humiliation sluts! Yeah, the ones who like to have their pictures and videos plastered all over the internet so the whole world can laugh at your pathetic excuse for attention! I know what gets that little dick of yours hard.. you like being called names and made fun of, made to do super humiliating things just for my amusement. So get those magic markers, dildos and any other entertaining objects you have ready… I’m ready for some humiliation entertainment!

JOI I’ll take your virginity
Oh.. you’re still a virgin huh? How’d you like to get fucked by me? You’d love it, wouldn’t you? I’ll fuck you…. but it might be in a different way than you’d hoped for! I’ll fuck you better than anyone else ever would, and I don’t even have to get anywhere near that dick of yours. You know your place as my little virgin bitch, you crave being humiliated by me. How hot is this latex outfit I have on? get that virgin dick out and pump away to me!

Strap-on Love
After this video, you will no longer want pussy. Instead, you’ll want my big, thick strap-on. You’ll be craving it. Don’t you just want to put it in your mouth, or maybe be turned around and fucked up the ass by a hot bitch like me wearing a strap on? It’s what you long for, and I’m here to make your dream come true. Come on, lick the tip of it… now turn around, because I’m going to fuck that hole of yours like the bitch you are!

JOI Feet Red Light Green Light
Ready to play red light, green light stroke game? I know its hard to take your eyes off my feet. Get your dick out, but first.. you have to obey all my rules. Red means stop, Green means stroke.. I don’t care how fast or slow you go, as long as you blow that load by the last red light! If you can’t blow it before the last red light, guess you’re stuck with blue balls all day! Up for the teasing?

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