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FIRST AND FOREMOST: I am NO LONGER giving out my Yahoo ID for free to those who had previously called in the last 3 months. I had a bunch of cheap ass dickwads message me back on Niteflirt asking for it(see tweets on twitter regarding it).. and guess what? They had never even done cam with me let alone purchased it to begin with months ago. It’s sad when things get ruined for other people, but what do I care. If you cuntbags want to think I’m stupid enough to fall for something like that, then I’ll just make EVERYONE re-buy it and ignore all those emails asking for it. FYI, I can look back in everyones transaction history, even up to 4 years ago. Niteflirt keeps records. So, have fun rebuying it! More money in my pocket.

Here are some professional photos taken from this past weekend, I expect a thank you from EVERY one of you pencil dicks that look at these photos!



From left to right:  Snobby Alexa, Queen Kitty, Sarah Diavola and me.


Left to right:  Me, Jean Bardot and Ella Strictland

I have decided to go to the beach for an entire week for my birthday, which is Dec 8th btw! I expect it fully paid for by you money bags, here is a screenshot of the total cost of the house. But you’ll need to send more for everything else!
BXTjRHiIAAAOZUj.jpg large

So I had this pathetic moron loser call me today, he USED to be a big spender but now hes just a whiny cheap ass waste of space. He always begs and pleads saying he will spend a lot on me, but always backs out and fails the last 1.5 years, quite annoying. He always tries to “quit” his addiction but he always comes back, except now I don’t even want anything to do with him and hes probably crying in a corner. He called me on NF (he always makes new accounts) and I pretty much ripped him a new asshole and hung up on him. He then proceeded to send me a $200 tribute and called me several more times, and I didn’t even answer. That’s how much I could care about you twatfaces that upset me, making big promises and not following through.
BXYawmaCAAA_q3P.png large

Buy my newest Slave assignments and pics on Niteflirt!

Slave Assignment #5

Slave Assignment #6

Slave Assignment #7

Oct Photoset $13
11 pics of me in a white and black bikini!

Oct Brat Photoset $10
8 pics of me giving the middle finger and loser sign!


and now for some clips spam, which makes you want to give in and buy it!

Buy them here:





JOI Empty and Broke
The only way your dick gets hard is when you’re throwing money at me, laying it at my feet. Yes, I know exactly how to draw you in and force you to spend on me. I’m always greedy, I always want more. I want to put you into financial ruin, I want your house taken from you. I want your car repossessed. I want you BROKE. I want your bank account empty. I will even set your money up via direct deposit so it goes straight into my account, that makes it so much easier. Who cares about your bills when you’re getting an ounce of attention from a blonde bratty bitch such as myself!
JOI Cum Cums
Hey little diaper bitch! Are you ready to have some fun? I’ll be your mommy, for today. Grab your favorite stuffed anim.al, you know the one you sleep all curled up with at night that you hug so tightly. Yep, get it. Now I want you to start touching that little baby dick in your diaper. You’re pathetic, as you hug that stuffed ani.mal and jerk it. Next time you buy diapers, I want you to tell the person at the counter exactly who they are for.. YOU! The finale will be so hilarious, are you ready diaper bitch?
Double Used
Nothing like having two minions at your beck and call. It’s quite the luxury to be able to use two slaves at once, so I call slave brad over and tell him to get down on his hands and knees so I can make myself comfortable on his back. Then I call over the other slave who is made to sniff my stinky tired feet that I have been walking on in high heels all day long! Ah… the way every Goddess should have it, two weak men to use and abuse at the same time, in any way she sees fit!
JOI Feet Girlfriends – Ft Sarah Diavola
Look who I have here with me.. Sarah Diavola. Ready to be wrecked by our lovely feet? You’re one lucky little bitch, who is probably already started stroking. Keep going, we’re giving you permission. You love how our toes wiggle and our soles wrinkle.. can you imagine running your tongue around all the ridges in our feet? It would be so delicious. You aren’t normal, our tits are in view and you’re flying your foot freak flag. You’ll always be a foot minion. We’re your new girlfriends, well.. our feet are!
JOI Obey my commands
A little jerk addict like you needs to learn to control their dick. I will enjoy every second of the control I’m about to have over it. Today you will be stroking your dick to me, but it will be MY way and my way only. I will tease you, only to deny you. Then I will start the process all over again, making you work for it. Fast, slow, fast, slow… never ending cycle. I’ll bring you to the brink of orgasm, only to make you stop. Exploding will be all you’re thinking about, other than obeying my commands. A few glimpses of my ass and pussy will make it so hard.

RACIAL – Monkeys for Feet – Ft Meggerz
Hey little blackie, Evelyn Milano & Meggerz back to mindfuck you with our creamy white superior feet. Nigge.rs don’t touch white feet, you know you want our feet. You know your place is below these 4 feet. Wanna put those big fat nigg.er lips on our feet? Gross. We’re sure they would eat our feet they are so big! We are the QUEENS of mocking your inferior race. We make monkeys like you come crawling to our white feet every single day. Get on all 4s like the you are!

JOI Lowest Part
So.. you’re a creep and you like feet. I can’t think of anything more disgusting. This is probably exciting you, I just don’t understand how you can like stinky sweaty feet. Really, feet? That’s the part on a womans body you find most attractive? You’re probably jerking off around, typical foot bitches. Sucking on toes, licking and kissing the bottoms of feet and shoving toes in your mouth is all you think about. Tara Tied thinks you should be ashamed of yourself.
Wrecked by Feet
Look at these hot feet, you love them don’t you? They’re so much better than what you have at home. Your wifes feet arent as smooth, they’re never painted. I am better. My feet are better… your wifes are hideous! Leave your wife for my feet, I know you want to don’t you? You need them so badly. Ruin your marriage for Kally’s feet, you are desperate enough. No one else can fulfill your foot needs.
Hand Makeout
Hey Mr. 40 yr old virgin. Back to see what you’d never get? Have you even LOOKED at tits before? You’ll never see these. You know you want Holly’s hot body. A body like this will never go anywhere near your virgin ass. Look at my ass, isn’t it yummy? You’d love to touch it, but that wont happen. What did you name your pillow? I know you have to “do it” some how, so you have to hump your pillow. Hahaha, virgin humper!
3 guys at once
Soo.. I was checking my browser history and I know I don’t look at gay porn. Dudes in balls deep? Really? You like that, you get off on that? I saw there was several screenshots you took as well! Red knows you jack it to gay porn all the time. Have you ever given a handjob in a theater? Go do that, amuse me cock sucker. I bet you even have an ad on craigslist, don’t you? Bukkake is what you dream of!


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