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I have a new Yahoo ID as of today.  I will NOT be using the old one anymore. I am ONLY giving it out to those who have bought webcam time/called my cam line in the last 3 months.  If it’s been longer than that, then you will need to repurchase it.  You can contact me on Niteflirt to get it if you are one of those people who has bought cam/called my cam line in the last 3 months.  If you don’t contact me within the next few weeks for it, you’ll end up having to buy it.  I will NOT contact you, YOU contact ME!     Scratch that, EVERYONE NOW NEEDS TO BUY MY NEW YAHOO ID, because pathetic cheap lying dickwads ruined it for everyone.

I will be taking custom video orders again starting Friday.  Always read my website for the most up to date information on how to do this.

DomCon was a bust in my opinion.  I will not return to another one.  It’s pretty crappy when you PAY to be a SPONSOR of an event and a  majority of the people don’t even know who you are or try to get to know you, let alone the actual person who HOSTS/RUNS the event.  Thankfully I had a few other Dommes from the “online” scene that were there to make things better! (Snobby Alexa, Queen Kitty, Princess Mandy, Sarah Diavola.. and lets not forget Queen Kittys slave who I terrified and slave brad!)  I would love to write way more on this crappy event, but it wouldn’t be worth the words or effort.

I filmed quite a few videos with these ladies, look for them in the future!

I leave you with some pretty epic photos from the weekend:

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3 Responses to heads up

  1. slave brad says:

    Getting to serve you over the long weekend was amazing Princess!!! I go through literal withdrawals afterwards! I am so anxious to finally get a job there so I can be around you so much more. Kills me being so far away.

  2. my arms still hurt from beating your ass saturday night. See what happens when you misbehave? I hurt afterwards.

  3. slave brad says:

    I am so sorry again Princess. Knowing I hurt you makes me feel so terrible. I want to be the best for you.

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