Information downfall

Information is a GOOD thing.  The BAD part about it is that no one takes 10 minutes to read the information that is out there.  Let me let you in on a little secret; I didn’t have to spend $500 having a designer make my website.  I didn’t have to pay the hosting and website domain fees, let alone all the maintenance required to keep up the website that takes up my time.  I do this though so that ALL of you can access it and it is readily available.  I have been doing this 6 years now, I have tried to cover all bases with the information I supply on my website.  You can save yourself time, frustration and probably even $ if you were to just READ.  Instead of reading, you spam me with questions on Yahoo, or Niteflirt & my email that have been answered else where.  Luckily on Niteflirt I can charge you to read my replies, on Yahoo and email you’d just get ignored or blocked.  Don’t be stupid, don’t get blocked and don’t annoy me.  READ MY WEBSITE.  I don’t NEED  a website if you aren’t going to read and use the information I put on it, I could easily just get rid of it and continue to bring in $$$ from Niteflirt and Clips4Sale.

All of the other Dommes out there know exactly what I mean.  We wake up to annoying messages, emails and what have you, asking the same things over and over and we go to bed with them.  There surely cannot be that many idiotic people on the planet.. I mean come on!  We are all doomed if that’s the case.  TRY TO BE SMART.  TRY TO IMPROVE THE HUMAN RACE.  It really isn’t that difficult, I promise.

There is only one of me, and thousands of you.  I am a human being, I do have a life outside of making videos, doing phone and webcam.  If you were to ask anyone in my life what I was the most dedicated to they would say; #1 my dog, and #2 my job.  I put a lot of work into providing you with the content I make and doing phone/webcam.  While I do wake up beautiful, I have to take time to get camera/photo ready(lets face it, Dommes don’t sit around in metallic booty shorts all day, I like to chill in my sweats pretty often!), set up all my filming equipment, record videos, convert videos, edit videos, upload videos, market and promote myself and various other behind the scene things such as search for pirated videos and file DMCAS.  I travel to conventions every few months when I could be on a tropical vacation instead.  A lot of you think this is an easy job, it isn’t.  Anyone who says it is, is just trying to put on a facade.  I even take the time to reply to emails when I’m out doing things, or on vacation(IF they are done the correct way, mind you).  I WANT everyone to know I enjoy my job when approached properly and respectfully, but rarely does that happen.  I am a ONE WOMAN SHOW, it’s only me.  I do everything.  APPRECIATE what I provide, THANK me for it, SHOW respect when approaching and talking to me.

I think a lot of you forget that while Dommes do provide a “fantasy” in some ways (roleplay videos, etc) we are still a PERSON behind a computer.  We are not a 24/7 frozen in time (per slave brads words) fantasies.

While there are many Dommes out there, we all have different ways of doing things.  That is what makes each of us unique.  You may be a slut who buys 15 different Dommes videos, but take the time to research the Domme you are approaching when/if you approach her.  DO IT CORRECTLY.

The other day I had a “sub” message me on Niteflirt with a pointless message that said something a long the lines of.. “I will obey them, cannot resist them..”  and that is ALL it said.  #1.  Dommes are not mind readers, we don’t know what you’re approaching us for until you say “Hi Princess, I’d love to do a live PPV pic draining session with you.”  This “sub” then went on to say he has tried to message me several times in the past and it never goes the way he expects it to go.  He didn’t bother to stop and think that maybe he keeps getting the same type of response from me because HE is doing something wrong.  A lot of you are that way.  Don’t think that creating new accounts and posing as a new person is going to hide who you are, it doesn’t.  I’m very smart.  I will figure out who you are.  Do it correctly the first time and you won’t have to keep trying over and over.

If you wonder why I rarely post blogs with information.. now you know why.  People don’t read.  I’m starting to feel like a broken record at this point, so now I will leave you with my website.

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2 Responses to Information downfall

  1. sub says:

    i don’t pretend to speak for all subs and i’m not the sub you’re referring to but i’m guilty of sending such “pointless” messages because i hope that the Domme will manipulate me into spending more money on Her and obeying Her. All my excitement goes away if i feel that She’s doing it because this is what i want.
    i gladly spent money on clips and pics i didn’t want just because i was ordered to.
    i wouldn’t even consider myself a money slave but at the end, pleasing a Domme pleases me.

    Your hard work is very appreciated and i’m sure Your blog has many readers.

  2. If anyone has to ‘manipulate’ you into doing anything, you aren’t a true sub, you’re a fetishist who gets excited. You’d be considered needy and annoying from my point of view. If you can’t simply spend money by yourself without needing someone to hold your hand and “force” you to do it, a lot of Dommes will not deal with you. We put content out there for you to buy on your own/by yourself, not because we need to talk you into it. If pleasing a Domme pleases you, you should willingly buy videos and pictures knowing she will be happy because she is getting money. If I had to manipulate everyone into buying videos, I wouldn’t be pleased. I would be annoyed.

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