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hi losers.. oh I bet that pic excited you, didn’t it?  It’s friday and I know you’re eager to spend that paycheck you got today.  Split it between my amazon wishlist and buying my videos.  As a matter of fact, why don’t you go buy a video, and then buy me a present off my wishlist while you’re waiting for it to download.  Then start the whole process all over again!  Go til you are BROKE!  I’ll make it easy for you, the links are below!  Lets see which one of you losers can set a record!




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Credit Cards Required – Ft Ceara Lynch
Hey there bitch, do you like what you see? Evelyn Milano & Ceara Lynch know exactly what we are going to do with you today! A little teasing. But the problem with you losers is you always run away, you’re so scared. You say you want to be controlled, to be forced to do things for us. Once you cum you run away though! It’s always so much fun when your dick is hard. We will make it fun after too. Wanna see up our skirts and down our shirts? It will cost you.
JOI Going to town on it
Come to worship your Bratty, Superior Princess? Oh and jerk it at the same time, because I know thats what you do. Play with your little dick, get it all nice and hard and jerk it for me. How do I look? Perfect. It doesn’t take much to get you all worked up and going to town on that dick. A few quick flashes of my cleavage and a few quick glances at my ass and your dick is precumming. It really is that easy for me, but it must be so difficult for you, until you blow your load.
Broke for Superior Feet
Hi cuckies! Did you really ever get the delusion you’d get to touch me or fuck me? That’s just going to happen. Instead, you can worship my feet.. oh and my mans feet! That’s right, you’re going to be forced to kiss and lick my mans feet! If you’re going to drool over mine, you will be forced to pay attention to his. You’re of no use until now. You can buy my man some new shoes, socks or just spoil our feet with money! I know that little dick is getting hard at all of this cash on our superior feet, so lay more where it belongs!
Nutbusting Addict
So you think you can withstand all the pain that I’d inflict upon you? You’re just begging to be kicked and punched in the balls. Spread those legs wide open then, nutbusting addict. I want them WIDE. Ready to get destroyed by my perfect feet and hands? Oh, I want you to stare at my perfection first, just so you know who will be causing all that pain in those balls today. Looking comes with a price! I will bring you to your knees!
Weakling for Yoga Ass
I have tight pair of spandex yoga shorts on, and I will make you weak with them! Oh I know, you’re already drooling at the sight of my ass. That is all you’re good for, getting weak when it’s right in front of your face. But you love it, don’t you? You love how tight they fit, how my ass cheek hangs out right at the bottom, how big bubble butt looks. If only you could be in a yoga class behind me, watching me bend in every position possible with the best view of my bubble butt!
JOI Next room over
I have a daring little fun challenge for you today. Since you’re so obsessed with jerking to me, I want you to do it while someone is close! Oh yes, you’re going to get that dick out while your roommate, mom, girlfriend or whoever is in the room next to you! Oh the thrill, you need it. You THRIVE off of it, don’t you? Nothing else compares to me forcing you to do such a daring risk, but I’ll reward you with quick glimpses of my ass. How about making some loud noises for me? Someone might hear!
Foot Plotting Stepmom
Were you sniffing my socks the other day? Hmm? I expect an answer. I’m sure I saw you in the laundry room looking for my worn socks. Going through your step moms laundry is a little weird. Is there something in there you want? You know I’ve caught you staring at me lately. My feet.. is that what you’re trying to get close to? Who would have known, my little step son getting a hard on to his step moms feet. Oh it’s growing, how adorable. You wouldn’t want your father to find out about this would you? I didn’t think so.
RACIAL – Big fat lips for feet
Kally needs her shoes cleaned today, and there is no one better than a nig.ger to clean it. Get that tongue out and use those big fat lips on my shoe, get it nice and clean because I’m going out. I love how these black shoes go so well against my creamy white skin. All porch monkeys are good for, are cleaning up after me and my feet. You’d do anything to get your coon tongue all over my shoe.

JOI Harder and Faster
Natasha wants to know if what you see gets you nice and hard? Go ahead, start rubbing your dick. We both know it wont take very long anyways. Why? Because you’re a minute man. All it takes is one look at my tits, and you’ve probably exploded. You can’t explode until I say though, and you also aren’t allowed to start touching until I say, because lets face it.. you’d blow 1 minute into the video.
Pacifier baby
Hey diaper bitch! Aww.. do you have your favorite pair of huggies on today! You’re an adult walking around in diapers, do you think thats attractive or normal in any fashion? Did you look in the mirror today and think “my diapers make me look like a big boy!” because you’re wearing pull ups? I bet you can’t wait til you rush home, put on all those baby clothes and stick a pacifier in your mouth! It’s not cute. Shauna Ryanne puts you diaper freaks in your place!
Roll Of Dimes Dick
Look at this cock, it’s like a baby carrot. Snobby Alexa and Evelyn Milano are going to show you some comparisons. If your dick is THIS small, that’s an issue. No woman wants that, we would rather be with another woman than go anywhere near your tiny pecker. Let us show you what a superior real dick looks like, one that would make a dent in our vagina. Yours is like a novelty toy! Hot girls like us deserve real big dick, and yours is the size of a roll of dimes! Pathetic!

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