First off, this is how you please me; even if it is a small amount:

BUY5fhEIYAASrya.jpg large

This is how to displease me and get blocked immediately:

BUX0ATmCEAIXi0S.jpg large


The last picture I will be posting for awhile, so properly thank me for posting a free picture.

BUIfmmUIQAAwMxx.jpg large

Some ice packs to help my new boobs after surgery on friday, and some shampoo.

August 2013 Feet Pics $14

12 pics of my sexy feet!

August 2013 Brat Pics $12

10 Pics of me being a brat! Middle finger, loser sign included!

BBC Bull $11

Not only are you a cock sucker, you have an infatuation with the BBC don’t you? You want a big black stud to take advantage of your white ass

CEI Warm Cum $9

you CRAVE that warm cum in your mouth and face, the salt taste. Well, you’re familiar with the whole process, get to it!

JOI Fast To Ass $5

Ass sluts get your cock out, because I’m giving you ONLY 3 minutes to bust a nut to my big tan ass in this little white bikini!

JOI Admit it to ass $8

Who’s ready to bust 2 nuts to my perfect tan ass? Better get that dick out quick and start pumping

Peering up at Metallic $7

Oh look, an ass slut right where they belong. Peering up at my perfect ass covered in metallic

Working for my feet $8

Thats right, bring all that cash and prepare to lay it all beneath these greedy feet.

Bring it $9

lets get one thing straight… you keep coming back right? Yeah, you do. So with that said.. I control you

Floored by kicks $7

I need him to know his place, and how a strong bratty girl can bring him to his knees with nothing but a simple kick

JOI Wifes Lingerie $8

I want you to go into your wifes or girlfriends bedroom, and get some of her lingerie

Pantyhose Puppet $8

I’m wearing the one thing that makes you weak.. thigh high pantyhose! I just love teasing you with them on my perfect legs and feet

Clean mouth for feet $6

slave bart wants to worship my feet today.. but, well… How do I know his mouth is clean?

JOI Just do it $9

hi again losers! Everytime you jerk it for me, you have to do something super humiliating

Luxury Ass $8

butt slut, we both know that my ass is well…. it’s so damn perfect! It’s naturally round, and powerful

Capable Feet $5

Hi foot boys. I have such a busy day ahead of me, and well… I’m only giving you 3 mins to jerk it to my perfect soft soles today

Devoted to ass $6

I decided to take him out on the balcony where I stand in my betsey johnson bikini bottom and command him to kiss my ass

Spanked ass $7

slave bart loves getting his ass spanked, so I decided to bend him over my knee and slap the hell out of his ass

I figured I would list all of my new Niteflirt PTVs here every once in awhile since I know you minions frequent my blog.. so here ya go!


Rock Bottom
You’re at an all time low, aren’t you? Your addiction is so hard to resist or quit. You find yourself buying more and more of my videos, you’re probably past the stage of calling me and seeing me on webcam. You’re aching to be here in front of me. My little puppet, you know I will keep mindfucking you, there is no end. It’s only a cycle. I want you at rock bottom, begging for more. I want to hear you beg to be teased by my perfect ass. Oh come on, louder! With more enthusiasm! Oh I know, you’d do anything for just one more glimpse!
Booty always wins – Ft Ceara Lynch
We have an ass boy today, staring at our big luscious asses right in your face. Two of the best asses in the business… how could you not buy this video? Evelyn Milano and Ceara Lynch demanding you to be our ass slut, you’d practically do anything. You want our asses… the sad part is, you can’t even stick your dick in it, you can only look. Oh look, you thought I was going to sit on your face.. how hilarious! Stroke away, we know that’s what you’re doing! How could you not, with our big perfect asses so close!
Don’t stand a chance
Hey virgin.. you’re back to stare at what you wish you could have! Keep dreaming… you wish you could lose your virginity to me. I’m sure you’d love the first time to be with someone way out of your league wouldn’t you? I’m like 10 calibur above you, virgin! You see, theres a reason why you’re still a virgin. What could it be? Are you one of those crazy church going freaks who are saving it for marriage.. could it be your pecker is very tiny? Maybe you’re just really ugly… or super nerdy. I bet all this talking is making your dick just dripping with cum isn’t it. If I actually fucked you, you’d be my bitch for the rest of your life!
Not Worthy
Go ahead, stare at my pussy taking over your screen. I know that you’re completely satisfied with my pussy being covered. You know you’d NEVER get to see whats underneath, but you still wish you could. You are not WORTHY of the sight of my pussy. You crave the fact I’d never show it to you, isn’t that right? I just sit here with it in your face and you can bust a nut as I deny you the sight of whats below. I’d love to take your head and bury it in my pussy and make you sniff it, you’d want it even more than you do now!
Giant Perky Tits
Does the little tit addict like what he sees? I know your obsession with giant perky tits. Mine are the epitome of perky, and I plan on turning you into a little tit puppet for them. You do want to be teased with my tits don’t you? Don’t take your eyes off of them, they are so big and round. Oh what you wouldn’t give to just bury your face in between them, or to grab them. I know what you’re thinking boob addict, so I’ll even bounce them up and down just to tease you even more. Imagine what they’re like when I’m having sex, flopping over the place!
RACIAL – Please your Goddess
I want you to take in the view of my porcelain white skin because lets face it.. this is the closest you will ever get to it. You want to be devoted to someone? Someone way more powerful than your precious allah. Well little sand nigg.er… devote yourself to me. I belong on pedastal and you know it! You will do anything for a bratty white goddess such as myself. MMMMM.. doesn’t your quran look better when I run it between my tits, or my ass? This book means nothing to you anymore, it has been replaced with me. You wouldn’t care if I ripped pages out of it would you?
Dive Right In
It is a beautiful day outside.. it was so nice laying out in the sun catching a tan. Shauna Ryanne got all sweaty though.. can you smell that? It’s gross. Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.. I tell you my armpits stink and you light up with joy. Oh god, you are a freak. Who would want to bury their nose in some chicks nasty sweaty armpit! I don’t even want to smell it myself and you just want t dive right in! Oh my…
Missing out
Word is, you’re a virgin. Never had sex before.. you only buy videos of women so you can touch yourself. Is that how it works? Natasha wants to know what are you, a shut in? I lost mine at 17, it’s probably too late for you and you should just give up. Do you just get nervous and can’t get it up or something? Nah, you’re probably unattractive and live with your mom! You’re missing out virgin! You’ll never ever get to touch me, after a certain age you just give up!
Hard for Hose
Are you looking at my nylon covered feet? Do they make you hot and horny? I know you love it, being able to see through these sheer hose between my perfect toes. They are quite sexy aren’t they? It’s hard to look away, I know. You’re addicted. You wish every woman would wear them. I bet you love how they smell, or taste after being worn all day long.

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