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I have decided to open back up my old Clips4Sale Live Members site for the time being(Until I get a new one developed not associated with c4s.. which could take months!).  I have added over 200 videos to it this morning as well as over 15 photo sets for 1 low price.. you get over $1500 worth of content.  I will be updating/adding 3 clips each week, and a photo set at least once monthly.  I have LOWERED the price of my membership site until 11/1/13.  After that date the monthly rate will go up, so subscribe now!


I have also opened up a Devious Dommes membership website on C4S.  There are over 35 clips listed and I will be adding 2 clips each week!



REMINDER:  I will be unavailable for phone/cam Sept 5th-9th – I’ll be on vacation with my man in the bahamas!

Here are a few presents I’ve gotten over the last week.  I had a cuckold step up to the plate and buy me some new dresses, a new clutch and swimsuits for my cuckolding vacation I’m going on next weekend!  He also bought my man a pair of sneakers!



This is what happens when a real time slave disobeys me and disrespects me.  They get their ass beat.


This video made it into the main top 50 on clips4sale!


I had two big clip orders which brought a smile to my face this week!

Slave to legs
Park yourself beneath my long tan legs, as you stare up at them in admiration. My perfect legs take over your mind, and you wish you could just touch them for a split second. That will never happen, but I will let you worship them from afar and let them tower over you, showing their superiority. You are a slave to my legs, and you will submit everything to them. All it takes is a few movements, flexing and you’re a weak leg puppet!
Real Financial Ruin
I call brad over to put his new collar on, which is cannot take off because it has a lock and only I hold the key! It’s our last day in .Thomas and I wanted to remind slave brad how far he has come in the last year. How much money he has spent on me, and how much I plan on taking in the future. He also bought me this red pair of zanotti’s I have on, so I tell him to start kissing and licking the bottoms of them as well! Lets not forget my ass, he kisses it to and even brings me some cash!
Warping your mind
Back for more of my feet? Of course, you always come back. You have nothing better to do than gawk at my size 9s. I mean really, you get off to feet? You can’t get off to pussy or tits, you have to do it to feet. Wow, thats a new level of pathetic. What’s wrong with you? I think it’s gross! Whatever, I’ll take your cash and let you stare at my feet, mindfucking you with each video. I’ll warp your mind with my soles!
Pay for it
Hey pay sluts! This is my new house! Guess who bought it for me, who helped struggle their way thru that 9-5 job and hand over wads of cash? Oh, that would be you! Hahaha.. how’s it feel knowing your hard earned money went to a new house for me? Little pay sluts like you can contribute to my house, sacrifice for me! You know what? I think I need a pool in my huge back yard.. you can’t say no to me! Hmm.. what else do I want… well, I’ll give you a tour!
JOI Spiked Red Boots
Red suede boots, you just can’t take your eyes of. So jerk it already, I know you need to. You see those little spikes on the end? If you were here, I’d be digging them into your skin just to show you who owns you. Who’s BITCH you are. You’re my little boot bitch. Jerk it knowing my boots own and control you, your dick, everything! Try saying no, you don’t stand a chance boot addict! Even the bottoms are cute leopard print, by none other than betsey johnson!
Peering up at Metallic
Oh look, an ass slut right where they belong. Peering up at my perfect ass covered in metallic, well isn’t that something butt slutt! Stare, let this big powerful ass control you. How does it feel? I know how much you’re dying to put that little nose up in my crack, and sniff. I will even lift my ass cheek up for you to help out! Hahahaha.. so pathetic. You’d do anything for my metallic covered ass!
Made for girls
Did you come to check Hannah Perez out in her sexy lingerie? I bet you like what I have on, don’t you? It would be so hot.. on you! You want to get your hands on what I’m wearing don’t you, sissy boy? Do you sneak around going in girls underwear drawers when they are out, trying them on? I bet you do! Well I brought you some lingerie today! Nothing is funnier than a boy trying on my lingerie!
Opaque Nylon covered toes
Kody wants to know do feet in pantyhose turn you on? She has on a pair of dark opaque hose to mindfuck you with today, pantyhose addict! I bet you’ll get weak when I snap them against my skin, won’t you? You can see straight through them to my perfect tiny feet, especially when I spread my toes! Want to sniff them nylon bitch? Go ahead!
One finger destroyer
Oh, look at what a tiny little man. You’re so small like a tiny ant. Do you want to play with me and get squished by my big foot? Giantess Kally could squish you like a little bug. Is that how you want to go today? Foot, ass, what will it be.. cleavage? One finger is all it would take and you’d be dust!

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