Obviously I will not be available next Thursday-Sun, August 15th-18th.  I am no longer taking custom requests for FetCon, if you missed out.. oh well, try again next year!

If you’re at FetCon and you’re a sub, you’re more than welcome to approach me as long as you do it respectfully.  I will even take a picture with you if you ask my permission.

Starting this month, I will be adding a monthly 10 minute group webcam show to my exclusive members only twitter @MilanoEvelyn and as previously stated it is $75 for 3 months.  Take into account I generally charge $50 for just 10 minutes of webcam and you’d be getting 3 webcam shows with this membership, so it’s a really good deal.  Not to mention you get weekly pictures of me as well as a exclusive video not posted anywhere else.

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I <3 seeing my clips ranked in the top 50!

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some presents I’ve received lately!

Working for my feet
Thats right, bring all that cash and prepare to lay it all beneath these greedy feet. All they want is whats in your wallet. I want to hear you say it, that my feet own all of your cash. Did you bring it what they want? My size 9s are naturally beautiful, but they do require upkeep such as pedicures, and new toenail polish, massages and the like. That requires your money, foot pig! Pamper and spoil your owners, my feet!
Bring it
I bet you’re ready to take that cock out and stroke it like you always aren’t. Theres no need for me to even tell you to start, because I know you’re already doing it. I don’t think anyone would blame you, I know how hot I am and what I’m capable of. But lets get one thing straight… you keep coming back right? Yeah, you do. So with that said.. I control you. Right? Right! I also control your dick and what happens!
Devoted to Ass
slave brad and I are in .Thomas, where he took me on vacation for his 1 yr anniversary of being owned by me. I decided to take him out on the balcony where I stand in my betsey johnson bikini bottom and command him to kiss my ass as I look at the beautiful beach in front of me. Ah, the spoiled life. To be slave brad kissing my ass on this pristine beach, that would be heaven wouldn’t it.
JOI Fast to Ass
Ass sluts get your cock out, because I’m giving you ONLY 3 minutes to bust a nut to my big tan ass in this little white bikini! As you stare up at it, it takes over your screen.. your mind, oh and of course your dick. I know you are obsessed with it and I intend to make that obsession grow, just like your dick did. Come on butt slut, jerk it faster, you don’t have long!
BBC Bull
Not only are you a cock sucker, you have an infatuation with the BBC don’t you? You want a big black stud to take advantage of your white ass, don’t you bitch? You dream of being used and abused, fucked and more by a BBC. Well, I brought something for you today.. I want you to watch it. Watch this black bull use this wimpy white boy, the same way you’d get used. Oh is that making your wimpy little white dick hard? Hahaha.. good!
Perfect Wrinkled Soles
Hey foot bitch, do you like my nasty, dirty feet? You see those creases, the dirt.. you’ll never get it! Nope, instead you’ll forever be staring at my soft wrinkly soles. Smell them, I dare you! Holly knows you’re a little foot bitch that is of no use, other than to smell and lick her dirty feet. I love touching them just to make you jealous, I’d never let you anywhere near my feet, keep dreaming!
Frilly Skirts
Red heard you like looking up girls skirts… how did that exactly start? Did you start by lifting up skirts of mannequins in the mall? Then you start by looking up skirts on the elevator? Yeah, thats what I thought. You’d love to see my panties wouldn’t you? Wonder what color I have on, what kind they are.. I guess you’ll have to wait and see! I bet you’d be in heaven if there were glass floors, so you could look up every girls skirt!
BBC Does it
You think I look hot don’t you? You’d love to get with this. Well.. you just don’t do it for me like a big black cock does. I’m afraid you are of no use to me anymore, except well.. to be my cuckold. Do you know what that is? Giving me everything I want for that BBC. What do you get out of it? Absolutely nothing! White boys like you don’t do it for me, I love a big black cock in my mouth! Hannah Perez is only interested in black dick!
JOI Feet Stink
Kody wants you to spank your monkey to her feet today! They’re so smooth and soft… but they do stink! Kody loves teasing you, pushing her fingers in and out from between her feet. Mocking the fact you’d never get to fuck her feet, but she will get you all worked up thinking about it! Keep dreaming, foot boy! She’s glad her feet smell, she knows you love it when they are extra stinky from all the sweat in her shoes.

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