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First off, I had one of my little minions write my ass a poem… it was so cute I thought I’d post it here for everyone to see!


Your ass is so beautiful and so pretty it makes me weak and dim witty

It is so big and so round I want to surrender and bow down

Your ass is so soft and so smooth it makes me stare and I can’t move

Your ass is sacred and divine I want to worship it until the end of time


I will be out of town July 11-14th and will not be available for phone or webcam for those 4 days.  I have one spot left open during FetishCon in August if any subs wants a 1 hour session or so while I am there.  Rates are very expensive, so no cheap ass mofos.  Same rules apply as stated on my website regarding RT sessions.

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slave brad paid for my pedi last week!

Red Delicious Booty
slave brad is beneath my powerful red ass once again. Of course he can’t get enough of my ass, especially when its in red. Red is one of the weaknesses that I started to use against him. I love making him kiss my ass, and bury his face in it so deep that he can’t breathe. I’m certain he loves it just as much as I do. Thats why he keeps coming back, you see. Just like you! Only you wish you could be this close to my ass, you’ll just have to live vicariously through him!
White Dick vs Allah
hey my little muslim bitches, look at what I have here? Is this quran special to you? It’s your holy book, and I bet it means SO much to you doesn’t it? What the FUCK do these pages say? I can’t even understand it.. it’s like blah blah blah allah, blah blah. Fuck allah, and his stupid book. You want to know what I think of this book? I’ll rub my big white strap-on dildo all over it, smack it with it. You know what I want you to do for me? I want YOU to rip some pages from it and spit on it and use the pages to jerk your little muslim dick!

Bitch on a leash
You really want to get treated like a bitch huh? like my little pet. Well bitch, I have quite the humiliation for you today then! I have this nice pink collar for you to wear around your neck bitch, get down on all fours. Oh and since d.ogs don’t wear clothes, I want you to strip completely naked. You’ll be my little bitch for the day. I’ll even hook you to a leash and walk you around. Of course you’ll have to do some tricks for me too..
Up My Summer Dress
Hmm.. what do we have here.. one of those little pervs who love peeking up hot girls skirts? Yeah, you are one of those aren’t you? Well, I’m wearing this brand new sexy little summer dress and you might get to be the first little perv to look up it! But, you’re going to have to endure a little teasing and my bratty ways first. You’ll have to work for it, of course. Can you guess what kind of panties I have on, what color they are?
Shopping Spree Fun
slave brad took me shopping earlier today, I made him spend quite a bit. I got tired and had to stop.. we went back the day after too. slave brad went from sending tributes and buying me things off my amazon wishlist to finally being able to take me shopping in person. I force slave brad to show everyone what he bought me, and make him take a guess at how much he has spent on me in the 6 months he had been serving me at that point.. he was off by a few grand!
Give it up
Tara heard you liked to be blackmailed.. so today she’s going to have a little fun with you. Oh whats that.., you want to see her ass? Well, shes going to need some information from you first. Like… your wifes name. Oh, you want to see her spank her ass? She’ll need the name of your place and the address. You get how this works little victim? Yeah, by the end of this video, all control will be mine. I’ll mold you into whatever I see fit, however I see fit, all with blackmail!
Giant Cancerous Wart
Oh there you are again, little limp dick loser. Show me, it can’t be THAT bad. Okay um…… thats actually worse, what is that? microscopic, teeny, tiny.. thats nothing! Dicklet, man clit. What do you do with that? Do you play DJ with that thing? Shauna Ryanne can’t believe how you were born with that small dick, she hopes it can be medically fixed. How have you made it this far in life? It’s not even cute. It’s like a giant cancerous wart.

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