I’m finally recovering from having a bad cold which resulted in a sinus infection, antibiotics are amazing!  I took my significant other snowboarding this past weekend as their surprise valentines day gift.. unfort I was very sick and wasn’t able to fully enjoy the trip, so I plan on doing it again in the future.  It was my first time snowboarding, def will do it again as it was fun.. whos going to pay for the next trip!?  I might be going to busch gardens next month in VA, and then I’ll be going to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands in May compliments of slave brad (making him pay! and hes also coming with me!)

Heres a pic of me with my snowboard..

Here is what my s/o got me for valentines day.. best present ever, hands down!  I also got flowers and we’re going out to dinner tonight 🙂

Here are some presents I’ve gotten recently..


and my newest amazing clips..

Nuts Destroyed
slave bart is quite the pain slut.. you see, he actually LIKES getting kicked in the nuts and dick! What a freak! I can’t help but laugh in amusement as I repeatedly kick, punch and slap him in the dick and him getting a boner while this is happening! With each hit, his dick grows bigger and bigger.. gross! But hey, we all know I love bringing a slave to their knees with each kick and thats what I’m striving for! slave barts dick doesn’t stand a chance with me today!
I have a brand new pair of white denim on my ass, and I must say it goes so well against my tan skin. Don’t you think so, denim slut? My ass is back today and ready to make you weak with these white jeans, you’re already drooling! Stare at them, and beg to kiss my ass! I know you want to, get down on all 4s and beg to touch it! Well, with me.. you’ll have to work to touch it jeans addict! I bet you’re wondering what color panties I have on underneath.. go ahead, take a guess! If you’re wrong, it’ll cost you though!
JOI Worship Puddle
hi loser! yes you! you’re always ready to bust that load to a hot blonde bitch aren’t you? One who laughs and humiliates you for wanting her, but you’d never actually get ME. You’re stuck jerking it to me, haha! I bet you’re already jerking it before the video even starts, you probably couldn’t wait huh? Come on loser, and make a little worship puddle for me… I’m sure you do it frequently! How could you not, I love shoving my ass and tits in your face just to make you drool!
Tranny BBC
Another day, another cock sucker. Except, you’re afraid to let anyone know how much you crave the cock.. and not just any cock, the tranny cock! They have to ‘look’ a little female, but the second they lift that skirt up… the dick beneath gets you so hard! Well, since dick is all that excites you now, I expect you to be sucking the big black tranny cock for me, and I want pictures! Face it, you love when a hot girl forces you to choke on cock for her!
Wannabe Sissy
Mmmm… not quite the true sissy. Yes, you steal your wifes bra and panties and prance around in them pretending to be a little sissy when shes not home. Gross, do you know how pathetic you look? Your balls hanging out the sides of her panties.. your dick not properly tucked in. You have no true intentions of being a REAL sissy, you only get excited when you think you could get caught in those bra and panties!
JOI My Feet Rule
I’m sure all of you foot addicts are ready to jerk your dick to my feet, aren’t you? After all, its friday.. time to let loose for the weekend! Just how much are you addicted to them, how much do they control your life? your dick? A lot! Just what I wanted to hear… I love that you jerk to them multiple times a week, after all.. my goal is to get you so addicted to them, you can’t resist them! Gaze at my perfect size 9 soles, and purple toenails as I arch my feet, flex them for you and make you crave more
Foot Infatuation
Shauna Ryanne sees you glancing at her feet.. in fact thats all you ever look at, isn’t it? I dress in sexy clothes and show off my tits and you instead look at my feet! You love it when I have a fresh pedicure or new cute shoes.. could you be any weirder? You’re a foot freak! I fully understand my feet are gorgeous and they have high arches, but they turn you on! I bet you like them sweaty too, don’t you! You’re one of those foot addicts, you’d love to bury your nose in between my toes!
JOI Tiny Mess
Kody wants you to pull out that small micro dick of yours and jerk it to her today! Hahaha.. what can you do with that, other than jerk it? It’s useless! It’s so tiny, how do you even manage to ‘jerk’ it? Do you just lightly rub it and it squirts all over the place? Gross! I bet you wish you could use that shrimp dick on me don’t you, small dicked loser? Yeah right, it wouldn’t even reach my pussy its so small!

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