I leave thursday to go to Vegas for the AEE/AVN convention.  I will NOT be available for phone or webcam the 17th-20th so don’t bother looking for me online!  I am completely booked up for vegas and have been for over a month and a half!  If you waited til last minute thinking I’d have space available.. too bad!

I am officially off the market, which you’d know if you follow me on twitter.  I’m not sorry about all the broken and shattered hearts at all, all across the world.. what can I say?  Hahaha.. but, with that said.. I expect you cuckolds to step up to the plate and spoil Us each and every chance possible.  There’s always lingerie off my wishlist or you can pay for our dates, vacations or just send tributes.  Either way, it will come in handy that’s for sure!  I know how much you crave being used by Us!

Valentines day is right around the corner, and I know you don’t have anyone to spend it with(even if you do, shes probably some old shriveled up hag that doesn’t compare to me).  Instead, you can spoil me with chocolates and flowers off my wishlist.  Put that money of yours to good use and bring a smile to my face shoving your love for me!


JOI Goddess Feet – Featuring Goddess Alexandra Snow
Oh hi little foot fetishists… Evelyn Milano and Goddess Alexandra Snow here with our perfect feet. We’ve been in high heels all day, we bet you’d love to offer to come rub our feet.. but instead you’ll be stroking that foot obsessed cock to our feet We know for a little foot slut like you, it doesn’t take much to get you worked up. With our 4 delicious feet on the screen, we know you won’t last long. Her size 8s and my size 9s will do you in, for sure!
Black Denim Destruction
denim sluts get down on your hands and knees beneath my denim covered perfect ass. It’s where you belong, but you know that already don’t you? My powerful addictive ass towering over you in black expensive denim… what could be better? Oh.. maybe a peek at the thong I’m wearing with the denim slightly pulled down.. well, you’ll have to work for that jeans slut, won’t you?
Red Bikini Smother
Brad has to be the luckiest slave in the world! That’s exactly what you’re thinking, because I plopped my perfect ass and pussy right down on his face with nothing but a tiny little red bikini between us. All he can smell is my perfect ass and pussy at this point, smothering isn’t a bad thing as long as its by my ass and pussy right? hahaha, he thinks its wonderful. who wouldn’t? I’m pretty sure whomever made this bikini lied, because one size does NOT fit all, my ass hangs all out
Feet Consume you
Foot addicts, get ready for these manipulative size 9 feet to tease your dick between those legs down there! I know how obsessed with feet you are, lucky for you I make foot videos huh? My pretty red toenails make you want to serve my feet in person, you need your foot fix every single day. You constantly check for new foot videos, it consumes your mind. My little food addict, is that dick growing already? Stare at these 2 powerful feet!
Spoiled with Boots
Do you find girls in sexy leather boots a turn on? I’m sure you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Drooling at these knee high boots, getting weaker by the minute. Of course, I haven’t purchased a pair of shoes in almost 6 years now. Why would I, when I know you will buy me all the boots I want? I’d love to dig the heel of these boots right into that chest or balls of yours, then force you to lick the bottoms of them. You’d do anything for these boots!
These Jeans
Look at Hannah Perez ass covered in denim, you like that huh? Yeah, little denim sluts can’t look away at an ass covered in jeans. You just think it’s so hot, you get off on jeans. I bet your dick is so hard right now, thinking wow her ass looks so good in those jeans. You don’t want to see my tits, or gstring.. you only care about my ass in denim. So come on denim slut, worship my perfect denim clad ass!
Sissy Whore
hi sissy! Since you like prancing around in your wifes bra and panties.. it’s time you become a sissy! Kody wants you to go shopping for bra and panties instead of wearing your wifes. You should become a sissy girl all the time… you should buy a wig, pink dress, get those legs waxed, the whole 9 yards. Kody isn’t messing around, she plans to turn you into the biggest bimbo sissy you can be!

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