on a roll

I was on cam last night, if you missed me.. too bad! Just so all you little minions know, I will NOT be on webcam at all the 8th, 9th, 15th or 16th! That’s two weekends in a row, so look for me during the week instead!

But first, I spent some time with my doggy and his cousin/my niece/the other doggy, it was a beautiful 70 degree day here in NC!

The other day I broke in a new slave, “evelynschastity” by raping his wallet and making him humiliate himself on cam when there was a roommate 5 feet away who was asleep in bed! Woulda been hilarious if he got caught!

slave brad is trying to earn back my attention with some serious ass kissing the last few days, sending well over $1500.. more sentences, doing my school work for me and even this
Isn’t that the truth!

I’ve received tons of presents the last few days and I know there are tons more on the way (It’s my birthday saturday, I’m spoiled!)

And tons of amazon ecerts…

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