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Evelyn Milano – Humiliation Brat by EvelynMilano


*********On another note… I will be going to Las Vegas in January for the AEE convention. I will be there Jan 17th-20th, and I expect you puppets to fund my airfare. You can send me a southwest giftcard for $500 to via the link below*******

You’re Lacking – Featuring Meggerz & Mz Devious
you thought you could take Evelyn Milano, Meggerz and Mz Devious back to a hotel room huh? Hitting on us at the bar downstairs, making us all horny and ready to fuck you silly. We take you upstairs to our hotel room and tell you to remove your pants so we can get started.. the perfect 4-some, 3 hot girls ready to run a train on you! Only to notice.. you’re not packing.. YOU’RE LACKING! there is no way that shrimp dick between your legs could satisfy us, did you really think we’d be okay with it being that small? as if shaving your pubes would help that small penis, it only makes us laugh even more that you tried so hard! We like the big, long, thick cock that fills us up, and what you have is the laughing stock of tonights conversation!
Pathetic Loser Couple
What kind of powerful, hot woman like me would date a loser like you? Who dates a loser? I’ll tell you who.. another loser! Yeah, your wife or girlfriend is a fucking loser too! How cute, a little loser couple. I have a plan for both of you, you’ll BOTH be serving me from now on. Soon that wife or girlfriend will be flicking her clit to me as well! Yeah bitch, you heard me.. you’ll feel right at home serving a hot woman like me.. you’re a pathetic excuse of a female!
evelyn milano
JOI The Bigger The Better
Ready to play with that asshole for me while jerking your dick? you probably can’t even get off without shoving something up your ass, can you? Perfect, I want you to start out with your finger and work your way up to a huge dildo. Who can say no to a hot girl like me forcing you to shove something up your ass? you like my ass and you like playing with your own, so get some dildos and lets stroke and fuck that asshole of yours!
Pink Heels and Legs
you can’t resist my sexy, long, tan legs. Especially when I have a sexy pair of pink stilettos on to make my muscles pop even more. you get weak when I cross them and when I extend them, you probably even wish I’d wrap them around you just so you could feel how strong they are. I’m taking advantage of your leg fetish. My legs control you, you’re so addicted and its oh so easy for me.
Some new DEVIOUS DOMMES clips below…

Money Slut
You better have brought money for Kally today, because if you don’t have any money what use are you?? Kally knows how to use her looks to get what she deserves in life, she gets to spend all your money and do whatever she wants with it.. like a trip to the beach with her girlfriends that you fund! Doesn’t Kally look sexy in this black tight latex dress?? does it make you weak when she teases you about seeing whats underneath it?
Forever A Virgin
Desirae cant believe you’re a virgin! Is this how you spend all your time, jerking to hot girls on the internet who humiliate you for being a virgin? you’d never get a girl as hot as Desirae…. look at yourself! You probably are ugly, or have a small penis, or live at home with your parents in the basement! No wonder you’re a virgin, you’ll never get laid! Desirae loves making fun of you for it… and teasing you with this hot little pink polka outfit and fishnets she has on!


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