I have updated my availability schedule once again.  Mon, Tues, Weds 10AM-7PM, again this is general hours and doesn’t mean I will be on all of them.

All of my clips are $1 cheaper on Niteflirt, https://www.niteflirt.com/PrincessEvelyn#goodies

I am glad spring is finally here, 70 degree weather.. time to break out the sandals and flip flops!  Hit up my wishlist and buy me some new sandals while you still can, losers!


Different Strokes $11

Stamina $9

Innocent Fun $15

Dripping Pain $12

My Feet vs Her Feet $9

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Financial Dominatrix, Humiliatrix, Manipulatrix Evelyn Milano - http://www.WorshipEvelyn.com
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