First off, EVERYONE that buys videos/pics/whatever from me needs to be sure to leave feedback/5* for everything(Niteflirt, iWantClips, etc).  It’s there for a reason, so do it loser!


For right now, I prefer all tributes to be sent via iWantClips because I make more $ there than anywhere else, who doesn’t want to put more cash in my pocket?  Same goes for my clips, for now.  I have uploaded a portion of my recent clips and a portion of my older ones.  I will be adding more over the next 2-3 weeks or so.  I will eventually be re-ordering them, I know there is new mixed in with old right now which is confusing. As soon as I get all my old clips added, I will release brand new ones.


I have shut down my members site on clips4sale/c4slive.  I don’t have any plans on re-opening it.  If you want any of my clips you will have to buy them 1 by 1 from now on, losers!

I have added more stuff to my ‘Goodies’ on Niteflirt recently, check them out here:


Check out my recent clips:

Cum Drops – Ft Shauna Ryanne – $12

Hypnosis – Just Pay  – $11

Til Death Do Us Part – $10

PeaCOCKED – $10

If Only – $10


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SPECIAL: Panties available! 1/2 price

I went shopping the other day and got a lot of new panties.  I decided to clean out my panty drawer and I’m putting these up for sale.  Most of them have been worn in numerous videos over the last few years, so I’m sure you will recognize them!  I normally charge $100 a pair, but I am letting these go for $50 each amazon ecert to my email address.

They range from Dolce & Gabanna, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein and  some other name brands.

Shoot me an email letting me know which pair you want(There are numbers on them), and I will email you back if they are still available.  Amazon ecert must be $50 and sent up front and you MUST live in the USA. I will wear them for 1-2 days and then I will ship them.

evelyn @ worshipevelyn . com  (not for free chatting, I will delete all emails that don’t pertain to buying these panties)





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cam + other stuff

As many of you have noticed lately, I rarely have my Niteflirt CAM lines on anymore.  This is because I prefer subs to buy webcam time in 10 minute block increments now, versus calling minute by minute on NF.  I don’t always post on twitter when I’m available for cam.  CAM is $100/10 minutes.  So, if you want to buy webcam time from me, do the following:

1. Buy My Skype ID if you haven’t already.

2. Message me on Skype and ask if I’m available for cam so you can buy cam time(if you see me online and not away)

Fair Warning: Don’t message me if you have no intentions on spending money for cam, because if you ask to buy cam time and then vanish  after I have replied, you will most likely get blocked.  No time wasters.

I have made my Skype ID available on iWantClips and Customs4U recently to buy, read more info here on how to do that:


Now check out some of my newest clips on Clips4Sale:

Perv Neighbor Revenge – $10

Thwapped – $10

Luxurious Feet – $11

Boot Camp – $11

Loser Role Model – $12

Dumb For Ass – $12


Loser Jerking – $8

Tiny Dick Big Dreams – $7

Reflex Gag – $10

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Protected: News

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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New Stores!

I opened two new stores for videos, one on iWantClips and another on Customs4U.  I have only uploaded a very small amount of videos to both of these sites, as I am currently testing the waters with them.  Don’t expect frequent updates to these stores just yet, Clips4Sale and Niteflirt are still my go-to sites to find content the fastest/and has the biggest selections.


I added even more videos for sale to my “Goodies” section on Niteflirt the other day, check them out here:


All of you losers who haven’t bought my EXCLUSIVE access are missing out on daily posts/updates, frequent pictures, private blogs and more!  But you can buy it here:

$200 EXCLUSIVE lifetime access


Newest C4S Clips:


Leg Up On Your Wife $11

Boots To The Balls $10


Pedicure Addict $10

Bankruptcy Bill Bliss $10

Smell Til You’re Dizzy – Ft Shauna Ryanne $13

Only For The Taste $13


Devious Dommes:

3 some Try Out – $7

Stop & Start For Ass $9


Slave Videos:

Spanking Punishment $12

Double The Manipulation $7

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i hate you

Now go be useful and buy all of my clips.  Really, it’s all you’re good for.  Did you expect to see anything else here for free in this post? LOL.  Nope.


Check out my goodies on Niteflirt, where I sell a few select videos:

Want more videos because my goodies doesn’t have a big selection?  Find a huge selection of my videos for sale via Niteflirt here:

Or buy them video Clips4Sale, where they are released the fastest and I have the biggest selection to choose from:


I Expected More $8

RACIAL – Foot Plantation $12

Pay The Denim $10

All I Ask $12

Complete Control $9

The Day U Found BBC $10

Highlight of your Life $10


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Pay for access

See the “Exclusive” post below this one?  Want access to it and others to come in the future, plus other exclusive benefits?  You’ll be missing my frequent public blog posts, frequent twitter posts and more in due time, trust me…. just wait a few weeks and see.  You’ll be begging for my attention when I haven’t graced your presence in weeks.  You’ll be wondering what I’m up to!  I bet you’re wondering the price.  Well, it’s $200.  Which provides LIFETIME access to private blog posts and more; which you find out once you have tributed the $200.  You can pay via the Niteflirt button below or Amazon E-cert to my email. Just be a good bitch, cough up the $200 and become an “insider” !  You’ll be glad you did.

 Clips4Sale Clips

Armpit Fixation $ 10

It’s of No Use $12

$1k Ass Fuck – $9

Quick and Worthless $6

Painful Pleasure $13


Niteflirt Clips

Find MORE at


image Your Fantasy vs Reality $12

image Powerful Cruel Legs $12

image Triple Surprise $12

image Paramount Feet $12

image Boots In Control $10

image Pay Pay Stroke Pay $13

image Decision Maker $12

image White Denim Delight $12


Also, Check out my MEMBERSHIP site

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what the future holds!

Hey fuckfaces!

Now onto the important stuff:

My AVAILABILITY  is once again changing, except this time there will be NO schedule.  That’s right minions.. I am no longer sticking to a “work” schedule.  Why should I?  I own my own business(more than one actually).  I do what I want.  When I want.  If I don’t feel like dealing with you on a Friday, why should I have to?  I shouldn’t.  Precisely.  So, with that said… I won’t be on Niteflirt doing phone or webcam as much anymore.  In fact I’m kind of tired of Niteflirt.  Maybe I’ll be on two days a week whenever I feel like it for a short amount of time doing phone calls.  So, when you see me signed on, you should call because there is no telling when I will sign off or when I will be on again.  I probably wont be updating this blog as much either, or responding to emails.  I’m pretty busy these days and my attention = $$$$$.  If you don’t send money.. well, then your message gets deleted.  Of course I will still be making videos regularly, I just wont be around for much else.

now for what you’ve been waiting for…

Shauna Ryanne is coming over today and we’re going to film some sexy clips together and then hang out for awhile afterwards!  We haven’t filmed any clips together for my studio in over 3 years!  We get together every year but last 2 years I filmed her for Devious Dommes.. not this year though!

Last weekend was a blast!  I made some sexy cuckolding videos with my bf, took some photosets, did some webcam with him and went all over town on your wallet!  We got our first tribute to the tune of $1k on friday!  We did get a few more.

I have already released both of the photosets, you can buy them on Niteflirt or Images4Sale.

I will slowly be releasing the videos, so don’t expect them all at once!

BunlerjCAAAGJjp Buo-fg5IUAAnltv BupE1VYIMAAATQ3


I just updated my members site today with 3 new clips!

here are some presents I’ve gotten in the last week


my boobies are bigger and now I need new bras.. 32DDD… so go buy me more bras tit addicts!


Powerful Cruel Legs $12

Do it in a Diaper $12

Triple Surprise $12

RACIAL – Holy Mecca Ass $15

Paramount Feet $12


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