Ah.  I love spring.  All the flowers start blooming, it’s warmer outside.  Some times I will take my laptop and sit on my back deck for a few hours while the dogs play in the back yard, it’s quite relaxing.  Minus the bumble bees that repeatedly run into the wall beside me & almost hit my head.. I swear they can’t fly correctly :-p

I have started a subscription page at follow plus, it’s kind of like a members only site.  I have already posted several photos and short videos for my subscribers and I will be adding more each week. These photos and videos cannot be found anywhere else and are exclusive to follow plus.  Plus there are other updates about what I’m doing in my life etc that are NOT on twitter.


slave frank is coming this week, and we’ll be making more clips.  If you have any neat clip ideas for me to film with him, send them to me.

Find all of my Niteflirt clips now at:


Send me a gift at:



Newest Clips4Sale Clips:

Too Good For You

Drunk Celebrations

Foot Lessons

Foot Servitude

Vanishing Refund

Kiss & Pay

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I am once again offering webcam to the general public.  I require a 12 hour advance notice/booking,  you can book a webcam session with me via the link below:


Payment is required at time of booking to reserve your spot, any appointment made without payment will be cancelled.

Hit up my wishlist and buy me gifts while you’re at it, loser.



Newest Clips:

Being Hot = $$$

60 Second Twist

Just A Piece of Meat


Shout It Out


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Buy these

So tonight I was organizing my closet and getting rid of a few worn out items, which I do about every 3 months.  Generally after filming, I have a tendency to just sit things/outfits on the floor of the closet and shut the door and get right to editing the content I had just filmed. So, organization and tidying up HAS to happen at some point.




I came across a few special items that I decided to put up for sale, first person to pay gets them. Payment MUST be sent via AMAZON E-CERT to my email address. evelyn(At)worshipevelyn.com I will ship them 2-3 day priority to the USA ONLY.  Send me an email stating your intent to purchase them, and I will reply back saying to send payment if they are still available.



These blue metallic shorts can be seen in videos dated all the way back to 2010. The crotch area is very worn out and dirty… pussy juices anyone? Click images to enlarge. $100


These pantyhose/stockings are 4-5yrs old, I can’t recall the date they were bought but they can be seen in numerous videos. Click images to enlarge.  $50



These socks are over a year old, but very worn from working out… and can be seen in my last sock video from august 2015 as well as the one in march 2015. Click images to enlarge. $75



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I won’t be around as much in February. As of right now, my availability days are Tues, Thurs and Sat 1PM-9M. In Feb I won’t be around on some of those days either, so if you don’t see me on, that’s why!

I disabled my clips on Customs4U awhile back because they changed the way their payouts worked, and the prices of my clips needed to be adjusted(they didn’t even bother to tell me, had a few ppl buy clips and the prices were really low which alerted me) and I didn’t have time to manually go in and edit each one. I have re-activated my Customs4U store and my clips are listed on there again, I am slowly adding the last 3 months worth of clips to the site. This site will probably always be lagging behind by at least 4 weeks because it is at the bottom of my preferred clip sites.


I have had several people ask if I attend conventions anymore, and the answer is no.  I haven’t been to any conventions in like 2 years and I don’t have plans to attend any future ones.

Find all of my latest Niteflirt clips here:


and for my C4S clips:

Over and Over Again $17.99

Flocking To Ass $11.99

Behold The Legs $10.99

Deep Dark Places $12.99

Paying For A Reason $19.99

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Well 2016 is officially here, and I started it off the perfect way. Yesterday I went on a 5+ mile hike with my best friend, here is a pic I posted on instagram:

Just hiked over 5 miles with my best friend! #naturelovers #workoutday #hikingadventures #hiking

A photo posted by Evelyn Milano (@evelynmilano) on

slave frank will be coming down the first week in February to serve me in person again. I have 3 custom video spots left open for filming with him and they start at $200. Get your order in by 1/20/16.
read about ordering custom videos here:


Check out my latest clips:

Fund It $15.99

Counting The Ways $11.99

Look In The Mirror $9.99

All You’re Good For $13.99

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I am headed out of town for Christmas.  I figured why not take a vacation for Christmas, get in some relaxation and fun.  I will have my phone lines on some while I am gone, however I will NOT be available my regular off days this week, which is WEDS and FRI(my current schedule is always posted on my website).  So while you’re sitting at home with the family, I’ll be on a luxury vacation in the mountains.

I DO have a Christmas clip that will be released Wednesday, so make sure you look for it and buy it!  You know you need to see me on Xmas, I might even give you a “present.”

There will also be a New Years themed clip available next week as well!

Find my latest Niteflirt clips here:


Don’t forget theres tons of my bratty girlfriends clips available here:



Now check out my latest C4S clips here:

All You Need Is My Feet $9.99

Making Love To Boots $17.99

Jerk Like A Loser $8.99

Serving Me $9.99


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availability change

My phone availability hours change every few weeks, so check back regularly for my current schedule here:


The hours listed below are general hours of availability, and I may not be signed on during all of them.

UPDATED 12/1/15

MON: 9AM-1PM & 4PM-9PM
SAT: 9AM-1PM & 4PM-9PM
SUN: 9AM-1PM & 4PM-9PM


My birthday is next week(Dec 8), which I of course will be taking off/not working that day, theres still time to get me a present:


Actually, I’ll be pretty busy next week in general.  My best friend is getting married, so of course I have her bachelorette party to attend and her wedding. Plus celebrating my birthday as well.

Shop my clips to keep occupied next week:

Not My Type $12


Be Thankful $12

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turkey day

Next week is thanksgiving.  I can’t wait for all the food that I’m going to eat!  Be on the look out for a special thanksgiving day clip that will go on sale the day before.  It will be available on both Niteflirt and Clips4Sale.

I’m still getting requests for webcam..  Please note: I NO LONGER DO WEBCAM WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC, and I haven’t for a few months now.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve done webcam with you in the past, it’s not going to happen again.  The ONLY people that get that privilege/perk now are slaves that are owned by me.

I have re-released almost all of my racial clips that I planned on posting, the last one will post tomorrow.  You can find all of them at the link below:



After Dec 31st of this year, I will no longer be adding all of my newest NF clips to www.PrincessEvelyn.com because they are already listed in the “Goodies” tab on my Niteflirt page, they can ALWAYS be found here after Dec 31st:


Now check out my newest clips losers!

I’m Your Viagra $10.99

Wallets Pay Up $19.99

Follow My Lead $12.99

In Heaven Under My Ass $15.99

RACIAL – Commit Blasphemy $40.99


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Well, slave frank thoroughly enjoyed the few hours he spent with me.  It costed him a lot of $$$, but it was worth every cent and more.  He’s already stated he wants to come back again in a month or so, can you blame him?  He knew just the way to greet me upon arrival at the hotel:


Then the day after, this happened:

A photo posted by Evelyn Milano (@evelynmilano) on

He’s one of the few lucky slaves out there to kiss my perfect ass in person!


My birthday is coming up;  December 8th.

My birthday wants:

  1. Spa finder Giftcards for massages, facials, hair salon etc.
  2. Anything marked “highest” priority on my wishlist
  3. Any of the Chocolate candy stuff on my wishlist



I decided to bring back my “racial/religious humiliation” videos, after getting tons of requests for them.  I made compilations of them, and have already posted 3.  There will be more posted in the future.  They’re only available on Clips4Sale.  I will NOT be making any new racial/religious humiliation videos unless someone orders a custom one.  Custom racial/religious videos are $300.

Newest Clips:

Moaning For Feet $16

RACIAL – Creamy White Ass Compilation $55

Not Even A Minute Man $10

New Diet $10

Learn To Love Feet $13

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Over a year and a half ago I decided to stop meeting subs/slaves in person.  I just lost all interest in it.  I make just as much money sitting in front of my computer degrading you, so why would I want to meet your loser ass in person?  My mind still hasn’t changed on that today.  It’s easier for me if you just send me money over the internet. No, I’m not interested in meeting you so you can hand me money in person.    No, I’m not interested in meeting you and having you clean my car/run errands or lick my feet.  ZERO INTEREST.

slave frank is one of my newest slaves.  He’s been buying my videos online for years.  He finally decided to take the next step and apply to be my slave.  He made it though his 60 days of probation with flying colors, which I require all subs to do before I decide whether to accept or deny them.  A majority of slaves don’t get past that 60 days of probation.  He hasn’t been owned by me very long, but he has made quite an impression in such a short time.  I’ve received over $4k in tributes from him alone (don’t tell him that, he might have a heart attack, he’s pretty old hahaha) not counting him buying my videos and sending tons of presents off Amazon every month.  He asked if I would allow him to meet me in person, and I decided why not?  He’s only a state away from me.

So, next Monday he will be driving to NC to meet me.  I plan on filming some clips with him while he is here.  Isn’t he a lucky slave?  He worked hard and now he’s getting rewarded. 🙂  Be on the look out for some clips w/ slave frank in the future!


Now go buy some of my clips, losers:




Last For Ass $13

Gag For Foot Attention $14

Fuck Your Wife $12

7 Day Loser Jerking $12

Binge On Me $22




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