Check ’em out!

Hi addicts!

I have tons of new clips for you to check out, get to buying!

Quick Cummers Must Pay
NF –
C4S –

Boy Toy
NF –
C4S –

Login Fun
C4S –

All About Me – Week 1
NF –
C4S –

Huge Explosion
NF –
C4S –

2 For 1
NF –
C4S –

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4 sale

If you want to buy a pair of panties below, send a $50 amazon e-cert to

USA Only, if you’re outside of the USA contact me for price

Once the # has sold, it will be crossed out like this

Up for sale, the following items:

#1. Betsey Johnson panties – Leopard Print

#2. Tart Noir thong – Leopard Print

#3. Betsey Johnson thong – Purple

#4. Victoria Secret panties – Pink

#5. Tart Noir thong – Nude


If you want to buy these flip flops, send $50 amazon e-cert to

Ralph Lauren Flip Flops

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New Perks

New Perks as of 3/30/17

Spent $50+ on clips, cam, phone or my amazon wishlist in the last 30 days?  Send proof (Order ID, etc) to and then request to follow my PRIVATE twitter account @EvelynMilanoVIP.  It has exclusive photos, videos and updates.

I’m also offering SnapChat to customers who purchase my content regularly.  My SnapChat ID will be located within all new videos I post for sale, so be on the look out for it!




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Exciting News!

Guess what losers?  I am once again offering Real Time sessions in the Denver area.  Interested in booking one?  Read more here:


I will also be attending the Exxxotica show in Denver at the end of this month.  I will be at the Clips4Sale booth Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Times are TBD, and will be posted once I find out.

Ever wanted to meet me? Walk up to me in person and hand me cash?  Stare at me in person around the corner like a creep?  Have me sign a picture of myself?  Exxxotica is your chance.  I haven’t done any conventions in over 2.5 years now.


I have re-activated both my iWantClips store as well as my Kinkbomb store.  I have added videos on there from late Nov through current ones.  They will be updated regularly.


I have also made drastic changes to my Custom Clips page, so check it out:


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I’m back!

I’m back bitches!  All settled into my place in Denver and ready to rinse some wallets.  I am once again accepting custom clips orders.

I updated my phone and cam schedule the other day.  Please note all times are now MST.  You can always find the current schedule at the link below:

Wednesday: 12pm-8pm MST

Thursday: 12pm-8pm MST

Friday: 12pm-8pm MST

Saturday: 12pm-8pm MST


I am now also accepting cash meets in Denver.  $250 minimum, and you must email me with a small tribute to set up a time/date.

I have added my new PO Box address to my amazon wishlist,  so you can get to buying me presents again!


I will be deleting all my 2015 clips from Niteflirt in the next few days to free up storage space for new ones, so get them while you can!


Do It For The Ass

Not Missed

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Updates – READ

I will not  be taking any custom clip orders in January as it will be a very busy month, with me moving across the country.  With that said, if you want a custom clip anytime soon, put your order in now to have it by the end of December.  Otherwise you’ll have to wait until Feb 2017 to place an order.

Order a custom clip with this button


I now also have Skype on my cell phone, so I can easily respond to PAYING customers.  Want to schedule a session in advance?  Msg me on Skype. I will be on CAM again every FRIDAY night from 5pm-9pm EST for the month of December!

Skype ID

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Wallet fuckery

So I raked in over 2k today on NF alone.  Destroyed this one cuckold losers wallet, and teased and drained a few others on cam.  It was fun!



Until next week…..  Catch me on Cam next friday from 5PM-9PM EST!


PS – I now have Skype on my cell phone and can respond to PAYING customers pretty quickly.

Skype ID:

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Limited Sessions & more

Mid-January I will be moving out of NC and across the USA to Colorado.  January will be a very busy month for me, so don’t be surprised if I’m not around much.

With that said, I am going to allow LIMITED real time sessions here in NC until January 1st.  All RT sessions have a $1k minimum.  I will do the following types of RT sessions:

Foot Worship



Face Slapping


Ass Worship (limited to stuff like blue jeans, yoga pants, etc… I’m not going to strip down in my thong for you, loser)

If you’re interested in a RT session, send an email to evelynmilanodotcom@ with a small tribute to prove you’re serious about a session.  Payment for session is required in advance to reserve your spot.  I will not have a lengthy discussion about RT session w/o some form of tribute.


I will be in Rio De Janeiro Dec 2nd-12th.  I will be allowing cash meets and RT sessions w/ a $1k minimum there as well. Payment is req at time of booking.  Booking is limited, so don’t wait.


Last week I did a few last minute cash meets, and I am considering doing it maybe once or twice more before I move.  However, it wont be on your terms.  When/if I decide to do it again, I’ll post about it on twitter.



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Birthday & Christmas

My birthday is December 8th. Shortly after is Christmas, of course. Two perfectly good reasons for you to spoil me even harder than normal.

Birthday and Christmas WANTS:

  1. E-giftcards/giftcards from the following stores:
    Sephora, Ulta, Spafinder, Fandango, Dave & Busters, Petco, Itunes

Send e-certs to EvelynMilanodotcom

2. Samsung Soundbar

3. Black Uggs

4. Godiva Chocolate

5. Lush Decor Curtains     DONE

6. WE Furniture TV Stand Console    DONE

7. Milton Greens Lamps

8. DreamSpa Shower Head    DONE


You can also send cash (at your own risk) to:
EM Media
6805 Dwight Rowland Rd, Unit 521
Willow Spring, NC 27592

Tributes can also be sent via Niteflirt & Clips4Sale





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Want to see pictures and 10 sec videos on me on snapchat frequently?

Get access to my SnapChat for 6 months at this intro rate, which will be going up later on in the future!

SnapChat ID via Niteflirt

PS – New clips should be posted in the next week or so!

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