I have a new addition to my family; her name is Lily.  I adopted her from a rescue, apparently she was dropped off at a shelter.  She had a kidney disease and had one of her kidneys removed but she is all better now!  She’s a 1yr old chocolate minpin.



I have been pretty busy this last week and I won’t be around much the next two weeks either.

I will not be uploading anymore clips to iwantclips.  I also no longer accept tributes through this site.  For now, I am leaving the content on there that is posted.  This could change in the future though.

My PREFERRED site to buy clips/get tributes from here forth is NITEFLIRT.  All clips are $1 cheaper on NF vs C4S.

No Jerk Month $10

Butt Muncher $8

Size Matters $9

Not Even A Chub $9

The More The Better $9

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New Schedule

I’m going back to a “Schedule” for now, when it changes in the future I will post here on my blog as I have done in the past, as well as twitter.  My schedule is subject to change at any time, so be aware of that.

I will only be available / have my NF  phone lines on the following days / respond to messages:





My “general” and I use that term lightly, general hours of availability will be 10AM-7PM EASTERN on the above listed days.  That doesn’t mean I will be available every single hour during that period, so be aware of that as well.

Check out my newest clips:

evelyn milano


Next Level Ruination $10

evelyn milano

Blue Balled into The New Year $10

evelyn milano

Our Superior Feet $12


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iWantClips PROMO

From now -Dec 30th midnight, iWantClips is running another PROMO.  Spend $100 and receive 10% off, with code “10Special” at checkout!  Go spend all that Christmas money on me, addicts!


Ass vs Feet $10

Gooey Bukkake $10

Endure For Feet $11

Interns Feet $11

Can You $10


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Christmas is next week! This year has gone by so quickly! Instead of telling you minions to just buy me gifts off amazon, this year I want all you addicts to send me Amazon E-certs for Xmas so I can buy what I want with your money! They can be emailed to: evelyn @ worshipevelyn.com (Used only for e-certs, all other emails w/o tributes will be deleted)

Amazon E-cert via Email


I want to point out again, I prefer all tributes and clip purchases to be done via iWantClips right now because I make more $$ there than anywhere else. If you’re buying and tributing me on other sites, tsk tsk!



All brand new Niteflirt Clips can be found via my Goodies page



Want to buy Chat/IM time?  Now you can!  $50/10 Mins – Instant Message w/ me on Skype!  Perfect for those losers who can’t call because there is someone else in the house and you have to be quiet!



You Want This $11

Pit Time $10

The Moment It Drops $10

Monthly Sacrifice $9

Tiny Cock Punishment $13





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devious dommes

I have re-opened the Devious Dommes Niteflirt page, I have already added a few clips to it.  More will be added weekly, so check back often!


I also opened a Devious Dommes iWantClips store, it will be updated weekly as well, so check it out too!


I know some of you minions don’t use C4S so this is why I’ve made the clips available on these sites, buy them up!  They aren’t in any particular order, I’m releasing them randomly.  They’re also $1 cheaper on these websites!


Financially Responsible $6

Ass Crack $6

Only Me $6




Crossfit Socks $6

Always Hard $7

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My birthday is coming up losers!  It’s time to start sending amazon ecerts to evelyn @ worshipevelyn.com (used only for ecerts, all other emails will be ignored and deleted), tributes and presents off my amazon wishlist, chop chop minions!  Theres only a few days left till December 8th!



and buy my clips minions!


Grind It $10

Ruined To The Core $10

All That $9

Taking Control Of You $13

Covered Tease $10

Pure Beauty $11


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Pay To Play

I’ve received numerous messages from you losers out there recently.  However, I delete more than 2/3’s of them because they DON’T include a tribute.  That’s exactly what happens to your messages on NF, my email, etc whenever I receive them.  If there is not a tribute attached they go directly in the trash.  No tribute = no reply.  You must ALWAYS PAY TO PLAY.  No charity here loser.

Now, go fill my pockets with $$$ by buying my clips.

Beg For Ass $10

Brought To Heel $11

Calf To Slaughter $10

My Game My Rules $12

For All Mankind $11

Chasing Feet $10

Long Ass Wait $9

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Protected: goodies galore

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Protected: rinsed

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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First off, EVERYONE that buys videos/pics/whatever from me needs to be sure to leave feedback/5* for everything(Niteflirt, iWantClips, etc).  It’s there for a reason, so do it loser!


For right now, I prefer all tributes to be sent via iWantClips because I make more $ there than anywhere else, who doesn’t want to put more cash in my pocket?  Same goes for my clips, for now.  I have uploaded a portion of my recent clips and a portion of my older ones.  I will be adding more over the next 2-3 weeks or so.  I will eventually be re-ordering them, I know there is new mixed in with old right now which is confusing. As soon as I get all my old clips added, I will release brand new ones.



I have shut down my members site on clips4sale/c4slive.  I don’t have any plans on re-opening it.  If you want any of my clips you will have to buy them 1 by 1 from now on, losers!

I have added more stuff to my ‘Goodies’ on Niteflirt recently, check them out here:



Check out my recent clips:

Cum Drops – Ft Shauna Ryanne – $12

Hypnosis – Just Pay  – $11

Til Death Do Us Part – $10

PeaCOCKED – $10

If Only – $10


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