I’m back!

I’m back bitches!  All settled into my place in Denver and ready to rinse some wallets.  I am once again accepting custom clips orders.

I updated my phone and cam schedule the other day.  Please note all times are now MST.  You can always find the current schedule at the link below:


Wednesday: 12pm-8pm MST

Thursday: 12pm-8pm MST

Friday: 12pm-8pm MST

Saturday: 12pm-8pm MST


I am now also accepting cash meets in Denver.  $250 minimum, and you must email me evelynmilanodotcom@gmail.com with a small tribute to set up a time/date.

I have added my new PO Box address to my amazon wishlist,  so you can get to buying me presents again!



I will be deleting all my 2015 clips from Niteflirt in the next few days to free up storage space for new ones, so get them while you can!



Do It For The Ass

Not Missed

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Updates – READ

I will not  be taking any custom clip orders in January as it will be a very busy month, with me moving across the country.  With that said, if you want a custom clip anytime soon, put your order in now to have it by the end of December.  Otherwise you’ll have to wait until Feb 2017 to place an order.

Order a custom clip with this button


I now also have Skype on my cell phone, so I can easily respond to PAYING customers.  Want to schedule a session in advance?  Msg me on Skype. I will be on CAM again every FRIDAY night from 5pm-9pm EST for the month of December!

Skype ID 







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Wallet fuckery

So I raked in over 2k today on NF alone.  Destroyed this one cuckold losers wallet, and teased and drained a few others on cam.  It was fun!



Until next week…..  Catch me on Cam next friday from 5PM-9PM EST!


PS – I now have Skype on my cell phone and can respond to PAYING customers pretty quickly.

Skype ID:




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Limited Sessions & more

Mid-January I will be moving out of NC and across the USA to Colorado.  January will be a very busy month for me, so don’t be surprised if I’m not around much.

With that said, I am going to allow LIMITED real time sessions here in NC until January 1st.  All RT sessions have a $1k minimum.  I will do the following types of RT sessions:

Foot Worship



Face Slapping


Ass Worship (limited to stuff like blue jeans, yoga pants, etc… I’m not going to strip down in my thong for you, loser)

If you’re interested in a RT session, send an email to evelynmilanodotcom@ gmail.com with a small tribute to prove you’re serious about a session.  Payment for session is required in advance to reserve your spot.  I will not have a lengthy discussion about RT session w/o some form of tribute.


I will be in Rio De Janeiro Dec 2nd-12th.  I will be allowing cash meets and RT sessions w/ a $1k minimum there as well. Payment is req at time of booking.  Booking is limited, so don’t wait.


Last week I did a few last minute cash meets, and I am considering doing it maybe once or twice more before I move.  However, it wont be on your terms.  When/if I decide to do it again, I’ll post about it on twitter.



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Birthday & Christmas

My birthday is December 8th. Shortly after is Christmas, of course. Two perfectly good reasons for you to spoil me even harder than normal.

Birthday and Christmas WANTS:


  1. E-giftcards/giftcards from the following stores:
    Sephora, Ulta, Spafinder, Fandango, Dave & Busters, Petco, Itunes

Send e-certs to EvelynMilanodotcom @gmail.com

2. Samsung Soundbar

3. Black Uggs

4. Godiva Chocolate

5. Lush Decor Curtains     DONE

6. WE Furniture TV Stand Console    DONE

7. Milton Greens Lamps

8. DreamSpa Shower Head    DONE


You can also send cash (at your own risk) to:
EM Media
6805 Dwight Rowland Rd, Unit 521
Willow Spring, NC 27592

Tributes can also be sent via Niteflirt & Clips4Sale





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Want to see pictures and 10 sec videos on me on snapchat frequently?

Get access to my SnapChat for 6 months at this intro rate, which will be going up later on in the future!

SnapChat ID via Niteflirt

PS – New clips should be posted in the next week or so!

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It’s been awhile..

I’ve been incredibly  busy lately and haven’t had time to do a blog post.  Want to see what I’m up to on a day to day basis, with photos, videos and more not posted else where?  Subscribe to my follow+ page:



I have this worn pair of Nike Shox for sale. I’ve been wearing them for over 5 years. First loser to send $150 amazon gift card gets them.  Shipping to USA only.  evelyn (at) worshipevelyn.com

IMG_3920 IMG_3921


Check out my Newest NF clips:



Newest Clips4Sale clips:

Cucks Treat

Quick Ass Tease

Any Pits

Losers Don’t Touch

Ruination Week 2

My Feet Over Her Entirely

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Ah.  I love spring.  All the flowers start blooming, it’s warmer outside.  Some times I will take my laptop and sit on my back deck for a few hours while the dogs play in the back yard, it’s quite relaxing.  Minus the bumble bees that repeatedly run into the wall beside me & almost hit my head.. I swear they can’t fly correctly :-p

I have started a subscription page at follow plus, it’s kind of like a members only site.  I have already posted several photos and short videos for my subscribers and I will be adding more each week. These photos and videos cannot be found anywhere else and are exclusive to follow plus.  Plus there are other updates about what I’m doing in my life etc that are NOT on twitter.


slave frank is coming this week, and we’ll be making more clips.  If you have any neat clip ideas for me to film with him, send them to me.

Find all of my Niteflirt clips now at:


Send me a gift at:



Newest Clips4Sale Clips:

Too Good For You

Drunk Celebrations

Foot Lessons

Foot Servitude

Vanishing Refund

Kiss & Pay

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I am once again offering webcam to the general public.  I require a 12 hour advance notice/booking,  you can book a webcam session with me via the link below:


Payment is required at time of booking to reserve your spot, any appointment made without payment will be cancelled.

Hit up my wishlist and buy me gifts while you’re at it, loser.



Newest Clips:

Being Hot = $$$

60 Second Twist

Just A Piece of Meat


Shout It Out


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Buy these

So tonight I was organizing my closet and getting rid of a few worn out items, which I do about every 3 months.  Generally after filming, I have a tendency to just sit things/outfits on the floor of the closet and shut the door and get right to editing the content I had just filmed. So, organization and tidying up HAS to happen at some point.




I came across a few special items that I decided to put up for sale, first person to pay gets them. Payment MUST be sent via AMAZON E-CERT to my email address. evelyn(At)worshipevelyn.com I will ship them 2-3 day priority to the USA ONLY.  Send me an email stating your intent to purchase them, and I will reply back saying to send payment if they are still available.



These blue metallic shorts can be seen in videos dated all the way back to 2010. The crotch area is very worn out and dirty… pussy juices anyone? Click images to enlarge. $100


These pantyhose/stockings are 4-5yrs old, I can’t recall the date they were bought but they can be seen in numerous videos. Click images to enlarge.  $50



These socks are over a year old, but very worn from working out… and can be seen in my last sock video from august 2015 as well as the one in march 2015. Click images to enlarge. $75



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