This is what happens when you buy multiple blackmail clips, send your info, but then say you’re a broke student who has to “save up” to pay me when I demand it. WTF LOL.  Hope your girlfriend finds this.  The next post will contain your name and address.  Oh and the amount you NOW owe is double what I told you to pay before. toodles, bitch.



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Amazon Wishlist GUIDE

I’m not entirely sure why, but most of you don’t seem to buy things past the first page of my amazon wishlist.  So, let me give you a little help.  There IS more than 1 page of things I want on my wishlist.   While everything on my wishlist I do want, there are some things that take higher priority than others.

1. You can sort by priority.  Generally things that I want/need ASAP will be marked “HIGHEST” and/or “MOST WANTED.”   To sort by priority, look for “SORT BY DATE ADDED” near the top of the wishlist and click on it, it will bring up a drop down box, choose “PRIORITY (HIGH TO LOW).”   It will then show you the things I have marked “highest” at the top of the list!

2. Multiple pages.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom on the 1st page of my wishlist, there are buttons to go to page 2, 3, and so on.  Don’t be afraid to buy things on the 4th page, okay?

3. Amazon PRIME is your friend.  I believe they give you 2 weeks free when you first sign up.  Then it’s $99 a year.  Why is Amazon PRIME good?  Because it gets amazon prime items to me within 2-3 days.  Who wants to wait 7-10 days for gifts?  Not me.  It also saves you shipping money in the long run if you buy a lot of things each year.

4. Make sure you let me know which items you bought or you can include a note in the package too!

5. There are items from $20-$1000+ on my wishlist, I have something on there for everyone.

6. My mailing address is integrated into my wishlist, so long as you buy items from my wishlist, all you need to do is add items to cart and check out.  Items will go directly to my PO Box.

Now get to it, chop chop boys!



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I’m probably going to have to start deleting my older 2014 clips off Niteflirt in the next few months.  Niteflirt only allows us a certain amount of storage space for files(which is stupid IMO, other sites don’t have a storage space limit), and I’m pretty near my limit.  So if you want my older 2014 clips on NF you should get to buying them soon before I have to delete them.

Of course you can find my newest NF content at

Don’t forget to ALWAYS leave 5* and thumbs up rating on Niteflirt!  It’s an easy and simple way to make me happy minions!


I hung out with one of my old best girlfriends that I hadn’t spoke w/ in 2 years last weekend, we’re planning on hanging out again on Sunday.  We both looooveeee wine and can kill a bottle pretty quickly between both of us.  Hit up my wishlist and buy us some wine!  We’re going to be hanging out pretty regularly once again!  You can hear about our shenanigans on twitter if you follow me :)


Here are some of my newest C4S clips!

Beg & Plead For Tits $9

Double The Cum $13

Never Quitting Ass $12

Live In Toilet $8




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cam updates

From here forth, I will not get on webcam for less than $250, with the exception of slaves that I currently own (the minimum for my owned slaves is $100.)  If you only have $50, don’t bother wasting my time or yours, no I won’t get on cam for 3 minutes for your $50.  If you ask and try to be a cheap ass, you’ll be immediately blocked.  $250 means $250 minimum, up front, all at once.

I want a whole new wardrobe for videos, I have added tons of outfits on amazon.  I expect you boys to buy them.



Unlocked Reward $12

Puddle For Ass $9

Heads vs Tails $12

Succeed At This $6

Monthly Excitement $20

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I am loving all the gifts I am getting recently! Of course my ass deserves seven for all man kind & true religion jeans.  Of course my perfect feet deserve new shoes! here are a few of them…


Now be a good little slave and hop on over to my wishlist and buy me a gift, be a good boy.


Did you catch my latest instagram photo?  Follow me on instagram:



Now go stock up my latest hot clips!


Foot Scum $12

The Dark Meat $9

Give Up Control To My Feet $12

I’ll Catch You $12

Double Triple Quadruple $20


Or if you prefer to buy on Niteflirt, check out my my recent content at:

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The Breakdown

I know this may be hard for some of you to wrap your head around, because it contains actual info.. but FOCUS.  I’m one of the few Dommes who actually try to provide you with useful information, or so it appears.

Prices of everything are on the rise.  Whether it be at your local grocery store or online.  There isn’t any escaping it.  But let me give you a little inside info…

Stop complaining about prices of OUR services, OUR products, what WE provide YOU.  Do you go into the grocery store and complain about the price of the milk going up to the manager?  I didn’t think so.

Let me give you a little break down:

Every website we are on takes a percentage of what we make, it varies per website.

Niteflirt takes 30%

Clips4sale takes 40%


I charge you $150 for a custom video on Niteflirt.  You send $150, however I only get $105.

THEN, I turn around and pay taxes to the IRS on that $105.  Roughly $25%.    So, when all is said and done, I get about $79 for that custom even though you SENT $150.

Now, let’s think about a regular 10 min video for sale to the general public, which I charge $12 for.. after NF’s cut, and IRS cut, I get $6.  That’s half of what I charge.

Now, lets think about all the time and $ I put into making these videos:

45 mins to do my hair/makeup

30 mins to set up/take down light equipment

15 mins picking out lingerie/outfits

20 mins shooting time each video

multiple hours editing

multiple hours uploading/adding videos to websites

insane amount of hours marketing/promoting

paid advertising every month

$1500 camera

$300 light equipment (not to mention the increase in electricity bill due to running the light equipment for multiple hours, which gets house hot and I have to bump the AC down a few degrees)

regular mani/pedis $100 monthly
Super fast internet for cam/video uploading


I’m sure there is way more I have forgot to add, but this is just a glimpse of what goes into making the videos that you love to buy.  So, really, we should be charging you MORE, because we only get half of what we charge.  Next time you buy a video, thank us for making it and show appreciation.  A lot of hard work and time goes into what we do.








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I have the following 3 pairs of pantyhose for sale.  They’re $100 each.  Tribute must be sent via Niteflirt.  First to pay, gets them.  All 3 of these pantyhose has been worn in numerous videos I’ve made.  I will wear them for 1 day before I ship them.  Must reside in the USA or the price will be way higher than $100.  They’re marked by numbers, email me and tell me which pair/number you want and send payment immediately.  I will update this blog to let you know which pairs have already been purchased.  Send email to


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New Games & Pics

Who’s ready for me to return next week?  I know there are tons of you that can’t wait for next week to come!

In the mean time, I have created some new PPV games, they’re only available on NF.


Gamble Game, one of these buttons contain a photoset.  You’ll have to guess and buy!

Gamble 1

Gamble 2

Gamble 3

Gamble 4


I have also created a new multi-level PPV game. Each level gets more expensive and contains a new picture

PPV Level 1



Heres some new pics of my feet

June 2015 Foot Photoset

FROM HERE FORTH, All of my clips will ONLY be available in MP4 format.  I am not selling any more WMV formats on clips4sale.

Now get to buying my newest clips, losers!

So You’re Average $12

For My Entertainment $13

Flip Flop Licker $9

Denied By Feet $12

Worth The Kick $9

Plenty Of Johns $8


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Time Off

I toyed with the idea of taking July off from you losers and vacationing/relaxing/have some fun, and then realized why not take time off now?  I will be on vacation starting June 9th.  I will return July 1st.  You bitches have 2 days to get your calls/webcam sessions in before I disappear for awhile.  I will still have clips posted for you to buy, so you can get your fix one way at least!

I’m sure you have noticed my new website design, thanks to GJRatedP, she designed my previous website layout and I was thrilled to have her design this new one!

I finally got another mailbox, which means you minions can once again buy me AMAZON GIFTS off my wishlist, go get to it!

If you haven’t bought a cam session/done cam with me in the last 4 months, you have been removed from my Skype friends list. I can’t read your messages and you won’t see me online. From here forth I’m only keeping people on my friends list who are REGULAR spenders.  If you want to be added BACK to my list on Skype, you can repurchase my CAM ID via Niteflirt.

If you haven’t bought my newest toilet slave clip, you’re missing out.  It’s the most humiliating clip I have ever filmed, and if you want to see why… just go buy it!

Ultimate Toilet Bitch $9

Pathetic Rich Pig $10


All of my newest Niteflirt clips can be found via the GOODIES tab on Niteflirt

or which is updated every 2-4 weeks!

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Niteflirt Contest

Niteflirt is currently running a contest.  It started today and goes thru June 15th.  Not only can I win, but you can too! Customers can win $100 on Niteflirt.   Each “Goody Bag” from the “Goodies” tab that you buy AND leave feedback/rate for counts as an entry.  Leaving feedback/rating it is a requirement for the purchase to count.

Read more here:

Now get to buying my “Goodies” and rate them minions!


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