what the future holds!

Hey fuckfaces!

Now onto the important stuff:

My AVAILABILITY  is once again changing, except this time there will be NO schedule.  That’s right minions.. I am no longer sticking to a “work” schedule.  Why should I?  I own my own business(more than one actually).  I do what I want.  When I want.  If I don’t feel like dealing with you on a Friday, why should I have to?  I shouldn’t.  Precisely.  So, with that said… I won’t be on Niteflirt doing phone or webcam as much anymore.  In fact I’m kind of tired of Niteflirt.  Maybe I’ll be on two days a week whenever I feel like it for a short amount of time doing phone calls.  So, when you see me signed on, you should call because there is no telling when I will sign off or when I will be on again.  I probably wont be updating this blog as much either, or responding to emails.  I’m pretty busy these days and my attention = $$$$$.  If you don’t send money.. well, then your message gets deleted.  Of course I will still be making videos regularly, I just wont be around for much else.

now for what you’ve been waiting for…

Shauna Ryanne is coming over today and we’re going to film some sexy clips together and then hang out for awhile afterwards!  We haven’t filmed any clips together for my studio in over 3 years!  We get together every year but last 2 years I filmed her for Devious Dommes.. not this year though!

Last weekend was a blast!  I made some sexy cuckolding videos with my bf, took some photosets, did some webcam with him and went all over town on your wallet!  We got our first tribute to the tune of $1k on friday!  We did get a few more.

I have already released both of the photosets, you can buy them on Niteflirt or Images4Sale.



I will slowly be releasing the videos, so don’t expect them all at once!

BunlerjCAAAGJjp Buo-fg5IUAAnltv BupE1VYIMAAATQ3


I just updated my members site today with 3 new clips!


here are some presents I’ve gotten in the last week


my boobies are bigger and now I need new bras.. 32DDD… so go buy me more bras tit addicts!



Powerful Cruel Legs $12

Do it in a Diaper $12

Triple Surprise $12

RACIAL – Holy Mecca Ass $15

Paramount Feet $12


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cuckold weekend

All you pathetic cuckolds out there… GET EXCITED! Next weekend, I am deeming… CUCKOLD WEEKEND! Why is that you ask? WELL, the bf and I have set aside time to make videos, and even do cam together!

I am currently taking CUCKOLD CUSTOM video requests, we are only going to make TWO customs, so the first TWO people that message me and pay will be the only ones to get custom videos with both of us in it. The rate is $200 for a 10 minute video with both of us, and we will ONLY be making them next weekend. You can put your custom video orders/pay until MONDAY 8/4 at 11:59PM EST, after that you’re too late!

We will be doing WEBCAM Saturday 8/9 from 1PM-4PM  EST. The CAM rate for both of us is $150 for 10 minutes.  You won’t be able to call via NF, you will have to buy it in 10 min block increments instead by pre-paying.




Read all the information at the above links, it will benefit you.


Pay Pay Stroke Pay $13

Decision Maker $12

White Denim Delight $12


More presents.. I love receiving them, my wishlist has a lot still that needs to be bought, SNAP SNAP MINIONS!  get on it!




Went out last weekend for a friends birthday bar hopping, got a few people together for a random foot shot! Enjoy foot bitches!


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I’m excited.  I booked my September vacation.  I’ll be hitting up Miami for a weekend trip.  I made sure to get a suite, nothing blows more than a tiny cramped room.  Only the best for this spoiled brat!!  If anyone has any suggestions on places to eat dinner, comment below and let me know!  I’ll be mostly sunbathing and relaxing while there.

Contribute to my upcoming vacation here pay pigs:




HEADS UP – I just changed my SKYPE ID as of today.  Everyone that had previously purchased it for webcam is required to re-purchase it due to a new set of rules I have implemented.  If you call without it, I’ll answer, take your money, and tell you to re-buy it.  You were warned.


 Please note – I DO NOT DO REAL TIME SESSIONS.  I have continued to have numerous people contact me about these.  I will not meet you for any amount of money, what-so-ever.  No thank you.  I am not interested.


I have been adding new clips weekly to my members site.  If you haven’t subscribed, you’re dumber than the june bugs that keep running into my house outside.


I added 9 new clips and 2 new photosets on my Niteflirt PTV site yesterday.  I also updated one of my Niteflirt listings to reflect some of my newest clips for sale.


I took a pilot/plane flying class last weekend at RDU.  It was fun.  I flew for an hour.  Yes, I am currently at 2,500ft taking selfies… while flying a plane… oops!  hahaha.



I made out pretty good last weekend on webcam, and this was only the first session!



heres some presents I’ve received




now go buy up some of my latest videos on Clips4sale and fill my wallet with all of your hard earned cash puppets!!!!

Prove It $12

Deepest Darkest Secret $13

Forced to Worship My Socks $10

Kick By Kick $7

Gag On It $7


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I have ultimately decided to cancel my trip to FetCon.  As usual I had some cancellations within the few weeks right before it, and due to that it has made it not worth my time or the $$ I would invest traveling there.  FetCon was going to be the last event I attended due to all of these cancellation problems I’ve had with people in the past, but I guess I wont even be attending it due to more cancellations!  Go figure. haha.  Oh well. I would much rather take that money and use it for a vacation.

Speaking of vacations, my trip to mexico was awesome.  Unfortunately I went a little hard the first day and got sunburned even though I applied SPF religiously.  I haven’t tanned at all since January, can you say pasty?  Well, now I’m sun kissed!  I took tons of pictures, but of course I only posted a few select ones.  If you want to see more pics you’ll just have to pay for part of the trip, bitches!  Plus my first class ticket!



Here are a few presents I’ve received recently!


Some of my clips in the top 50!


slave brad was here a few weeks ago and we made some new videos and took some pics!  You can find some for sale on images4sale or Niteflirt!





Check out some of my latest clips!

You Deserve It $12

Just Do It Already $12

Wolford Hose Covered Feet $12

Bare It All $100

Drenched Ass $12

Curvy Ass Cheeks $8

Seduced by legs $7

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Vacay + fetcon

I will be going on Vacation next week Thursday July 10th- Monday July 14th with my boyfriend(cuckies step up!!).   I will be unavailable, this means no phone calls, no cam, no email, no niteflirt.  I will not be checking my messages or working.  I might pop onto twitter to post a sexy picture but don’t expect any responses.

I will be attending FetishCon next month.  I will only be there for 48 hours.  In and out, and quick to the point of business only.   I will be working with the following ladies:

Sarah Diavola

Domme Kyaa

Princess Lacey

Mistress B

and a new submissive female which I plan to use the fuck out of and film some hot content!

Not as many as I normally work with, but it appears not many ladies are attending FetCon this year.  This will be the last FetCon I attend for awhile, if I ever attend again that is.  I will not be working the C4S booth.  If you had the hopes of meeting me, well maybe you’ll run into me while I’m getting lunch or dinner… and should you interrupt, you better have $$$ in your hand coming towards me.

slave brad flew in today around lunch time.  He’s currently cleaning my house.  We’re going to film some clips tomorrow and then he has more errands and chores to do around my house, but first tonight we’re going to a 4th of July party.

I was on cam earlier today, if you missed me tough shit!  I don’t wait around for anyone to “send” money.  Some of you say you’re going to pay and then take 30 mins.. I don’t wait.  I sign off and go about my business.




some presents I’ve gotten



Your Cum is Mine $13

Alpha Female $12

Humiliation Boner $12

Thick Wallet $12

Pick A Color $12

Clean Both $8


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Schedule change :)

Previously I worked/was available Thursday-Sunday.  That has now changed.  I will only be available Wednesday-Saturday from now until further notice(I change my availability every few months). Yes, this means my Niteflirt phone lines will only be on Weds-Sat and I will only be doing webcam Weds-Sat.  You might not get a response from me Sunday-Tuesday from here forward as those are my DAYS OFF!

My boyfriend now has a TWITTER, yep, you heard me correctly cuckolds.  You can follow him @EvelynsStud  We will be making some new cuckolding videos soon.  If you losers have some ideas, leave some comments/your ideas here on the blog!  We went out to dinner the other day, and one of you pathetic cucks picked up the tab!


Missed me on webcam last week?  I even posted a pic!


Some top 50 clips recently!


Presents I received recently from slave brad!


Some amazon ecerts I’ve received recently!

1 2


Check out my Niteflirt PPV store, I recently updated it with new clips!  http://www.PrincessEvelyn.com

I’ve been getting a lot of membership sales on my members site! http://evelynmilano.c4slive.com


Glorious Supreme Ass $10

Choose My Feet $12

Only This Ass $12

All About The Quickie $5

Dress It Up $7

Gasps For Air $8




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Which are YOU?

So many of you losers say “i want to be your slave!” when you have no understanding of the word.  Buying videos, calling me on Niteflirt or buying webcam time does NOT make you my slave.  In order to actually BE my slave, you would have to apply, send a $500 tribute along with an application and go through a probationary period of 60 days along with various other things.  So, stop calling yourself my slave.  You aren’t my slave and 99% of you will never be.  Being my slave means you do what I want, when I want, how I want.  It is never about you, it’s about me.

Fetishist: the compulsive use of some object, or part of the body, as a stimulus in the course of attaining sexual gratification, as a shoe, a lock of hair, or underclothes.

So when you call and ask to see my ass or feet on webcam, that would make you a fetishist!  You are only calling to see my ass OR feet, to SERVE YOURSELF sexually.

That would make quite a majority of the losers out there who like to call themselves slaves, FETISHISTS.

Slave/submissive: ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive.

Do you thank me for what I allow you to have?  Do you obey my EVERY command?  Do you expect NOTHING in return?  Are you here for MY entertainment and wishes?  That would make you a slave/sub.  I do reward subs/slaves when they have pleased me.


I bring this up because I am a DOMINATRIX.  I find it amusing that so many of you losers out there cry and throw temper tantrums when you don’t get your way.  OMG, you aren’t getting your way with a DOMINATRIX?   WOW, who would have GUESSED!? 

Who cares that you’re calling me and paying $x amount a minute to see me on webcam or talk to me, I’m still the Dominatrix and I will do whatever I want, however I want, when I want. 

If you want someone who caters to you and will show you their ass on command or feet on command, call a submissive!  I will not cater to you.  I decide what I will and will not do. Do not call me!

I put warnings all over my Niteflirt listings, inside the Skype ID mail you losers buy, but yet you still continue to call me.  Hey guess what?  You’ll get laughed at, ripped a new asshole verbally, hung up on and blocked the second you get snappy, demanding or rude with me.  So don’t get whiny and cry like a 5 year old when you realize you’ve wasted your money, when there were warning signs all over for you not to call in the first place :)  It’s not my fault you can’t read.

Webcam is reserved for submissives.  If you aren’t submissive don’t call my webcam lines.  I expect you to entertain me on webcam, you are there to serve me.  If you have pleased me, I might reward you by showing you my feet or ass.  But there is no guarantee that will EVER happen, so don’t expect it.

Yeah, I do fetish stuff in my videos.  Videos and webcam are two different things.   End of Story.  Have a nice day FETISHISTS!  Buy my videos, YOU’LL LIKE THEM!  :)

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yay summer!

slave brad will be flying in the first weekend of July.  We plan on filming quite a few clips, so if anyone has a custom video that requires a slave to be in it, order now!  Custom videos w/ slaves are $20 a minute and have to be 10 mins long.  I will NOT be taking anymore orders for this after June 27th.


The 2nd week in July I will be going to Mexico for vacation, it’s already booked.  I’ll be staying on an island I went to a few years ago, it was small and quaint.  I much prefer a quiet location to a loud and busy location.  I won’t have much internet access while I am there(just enough to check emails once a day probably), so I wont be online.

Yesterday I had new shingles put on my entire roof, which was a whopping $5500.  Guess who’s money paid?  Oh that would be all of yours.  Hand it over.


Here are a few of the presents I’ve received recently:




So theres this ‘slave’ Dr. that has been calling me for awhile, except lately he got on my bad side.  He still repeatedly clicks on my NF listings (yes I can see each and EVERY one who clicks) even though he knows he owes me money.  What happens when I tell you to send $500 and you dont?  It turns into $1000.  What happens when you still haven’t sent me the $1000?  It doubles to $2000.  So needless to say this pathetic loser owes me $2000 currently and the price will KEEP GOING UP for every week I hate to wait.  Should have just sent what you had when you originally owed the $500! dumb dumb!



My CAM lines will be on today and some other time this weekend, so buy cam time or call me when you can bitches!  Heres my cam pic from 2 weeks ago, I don’t post one every time I do cam.. just when I’m feeling extra nice.


Each and Every Day $12

Weak and Dizzy $13

Gaping Wide $12

Shattered Balls $10

Peak Of Power $12

Just A Bank $7

CEI Yummy To Look At $8


Also check out my member site!  Over 350 clips for 1 low price!



OR Check out all my videos on Niteflirt!


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vacation & stuff!

Hey losers!  I’ve decided I’m taking a vacation some time soon.. think I’m going to hit up Mexico!  Haven’t fully decided yet, but I’ll be making my decision very soon, which means you nameless wallets need to start forking over that $$$ and pampering me properly and paying for my entire vacation, just as you should!

you can send tributes here:


As of right now I am still going to FetCon, however I have removed a few days from my travel.  I will only be there 2.5 days instead of 4.  I will be there Thursday afternoon – Saturday Morning, in and out very quickly. Strictly business.  My schedule is completely full, booked.  I am not available at all.

I spotted a few of my clips in the top 50 on clips4sale this morning!

BozYbbjCIAARJUQ.jpg large




here are a few presents I’ve received recently!

you can buy me more here:


A sexy picture I took about 2 weeks ago while I was making videos!



Make sure you check out my other clip studios dedicated to Double Domme clips,  Domme/slave Clips and Religious/Racial Humiliation!

http://clips4sale.com/studio/73133   Double Domme

http://clips4sale.com/studio/76277     Domme / slave

http://clips4sale.com/studio/77139      Religious/Racial Humilation

http://clips4sale.com/21636      Devious Dommes


1 2 3 5 6

Tons of amazon e-certs recently!!!

All These Legs $12

Flushed Away $12

Handful $12

Jerk Zombie Fun $12

One Cum Load At A Time $12

Mouthful of Dirt $9

Hard Long Workout Stench $7

Throw Away The Key $7

Jealous Wife $8

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hot new teaser

I only make teasers about every 4 months or so, and most Dommes don’t even make them.  You should get down on your knees and thank me profusely for allowing you the privilege of seeing some of my content for free, and then send me a tribute or a gift as a thank you as well.  It’s not something I HAVE to do, but I do it because I WANT to.

Evelyn Milano – May 2014 Humiliation Dominatrix… by EvelynMilano

Evelyn Milano – May 2014 Financial Dominatrix Teaser from Evelyn Milano on Vimeo.



This weekend slave brad will be flying to raleigh to spend the weekend with me, he hasn’t been here in awhile.  Today marks his 2nd year being my slave, hes sent quite a few gifts recently.  My fav is def the Zanotti sandals though!  I might do webcam w/ him this weekend if time permits, you’ll have to check twitter and see if I post about doing webcam on saturday or sunday!


The single pair of panties were bought by someone else!

I was on cam last week, lookin hot!


This sunday I will also be taking a class where I get to fly a 4 seater plane at RDU, so I’ll be pretty busy this weekend!

Check out some of my latest clips minions!

I recently added 10 of them to my Niteflirt PTV Store!



Anything for a sniff $14

Spit Target $13

Itty Bitty Embarrasment – Ft Princess Mandy $10

Smothered by denim $11


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