Last chance

Last chance to buy my older clips from Niteflirt… I will be deleting them in a few days/next week.

All clips located on the “Clips 2010-2012″ AND “Clips 2013″ page will deleted.  Half of the clips on the “Clips 2014″ page will be deleted.  The ONLY clips that will remain available are the ones sold through the “Goodies” tab on my Niteflirt page which is the latter half of 2014-Current brand new clips.


Last chance to buy clips from my “slave humiliation” studio on clips4sale, I will be deleting all clips here as well in a few days.

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brag post

I’m currently #42 on the clips4sale top #50 on their main page. This makes me extremely HAPPY. Buy more of my clips and make me climb even HIGHER boys!



I’ll be on webcam today and tomorrow at various times.  Remember that I prefer you minions to buy webcam in block increments, I rarely have my Niteflirt webcam lines on anymore.  Just because my NF webcam lines are NOT on does NOT mean I am not doing webcam. If you see me signed onto Skype, I’m probably doing webcam. That’s the easiest way to tell.


I will be deleting all clips located at my “slave humiliation” studio, so be sure to buy all the ones you want, they will be deleted as of 6/1/15


My NEWEST clips are $1 cheaper on Niteflirt

I will be deleting all of my old clips from 2010 – mid 2014 off Niteflirt 6/1/15 so if you want them then you better get them ASAP losers!

or you can buy them on Clips4sale


Sexy Summer Heels $10

Shopping Hose $10

Powerful Weakness $9

It’s That Time $9

Dick Penis Cock $10

Poppers Fun $10

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RT video slave


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Limited time

From now – Sunday 7pm EST

Buy a custom video, get it approved and send payment, and get 5 free mins of cam time!  You can sub 5 free mins of phone time if you don’t want cam time.  I will send you 5 free mins on NF and you can use it for phone or phone w/ cam.

Get those orders in, losers!  Custom videos are $150 for 10 mins, you can read about ordering them on my website


Loser Weekend Wank $10

Perfect Time $10

Don’t Buy This $50

Pure Torture $10

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I am no longer accepting amazon gifts bought off my wishlist because I am closing down my UPS box, I gave all you losers ample time to get your last gift buying jerky jerks out. I still accept amazon e-certs to my email though. There are quite a few online e-certs you can email to me, I love e-certs :) Right now I could use the following:

Victoria secret
and of course Amazon!!
email to evelyn @ worshipevelyn . com (and if you send some other stupid email without a tribute or cert I’ll just trash it)

Check out some of my newest clips, they’re always $1 cheaper on Niteflirt though!


Little Fib $9

Poor Blue Balls Week 2 $10

Small Forever $9

Tongue Bath $9

Sniff These  $9

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Fun Promo Game

I’ve decided to start a fun little promo game of sorts. For every item that has “PROMO” beside it on my amazon wishlist that you purchase, you will receive your choice of: worn panties, worn socks or worn pantyhose. So if you buy 5 items from my amazon wishlist that have PROMO beside them, you will receive 5 items from me of your choosing. I am running this promo UNTIL NEXT SATURDAY AT 11:59PM, you will need to forward your order/purchase emails to me(evelyn @ by then or they won’t count. I will only ship items out once I have received the items you purchased, so it’s best if you choose fast shipping. After I have received all purchased items, I will tally up the number of gifts purchased and whomever purchases the most gifts for me will receive a free 10 minute custom video also!

On your mark, get set, go!

(Only valid for people in the USA, I won’t ship outside of the USA for this)

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Polls – vote!

I’m trying to learn more about you minions, what you buy and what you don’t buy.  So, with that said.. I have created some simple polls for you to answer!  This will help me out greatly with what I produce and when I produce future videos.  So be sure to answer them all! The more feedback I get the better for you in the end!


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I have updated my availability schedule once again.  Mon, Tues, Weds 10AM-7PM, again this is general hours and doesn’t mean I will be on all of them.

All of my clips are $1 cheaper on Niteflirt,

I am glad spring is finally here, 70 degree weather.. time to break out the sandals and flip flops!  Hit up my wishlist and buy me some new sandals while you still can, losers!

Different Strokes $11

Stamina $9

Innocent Fun $15

Dripping Pain $12

My Feet vs Her Feet $9

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Well, the snow here in NC has been hitting us hard!  We had snow last week, once this week already and we’re supposed to get another 4-8  inches tonight!  I really hate cold weather :( I am SO ready for spring and flip flops!

I have cut my availability back to three days a week, it is currently THURS, FRI & SAT 10AM-7PM.  You can ALWAYS view my current schedule on and on my webcam page HERE and yes it can change at any time and is updated as soon as it changes.

I am considering getting rid of my UPS box come may, which means that after may you losers will no longer be able to buy me amazon presents, you will ONLY be able to send me amazon ecerts.  SO, with that said, if you like buying me presents off my amazon wishlist you better get on it now because after may you won’t be able to anymore!

Lots of things are changing with me if you haven’t noticed!

Check out my latest videos on Niteflirt, ALL CLIPS ARE $1 CHEAPER HERE


Fag For BBC $10

Double It $13

Whatever It Takes $9

Earn The Peak $9

Guilty Pleasure $10

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I will be closing down my iwantclips store this weekend, so if you liked buying my clips from there… buy the ones posted while you can cuz they’re getting deleted this weekend, and now you know why I haven’t updated that site in a month, I’m getting rid of it.

I have begun updating customs4u again with my clips, so it’s an alternative if you don’t use niteflirt or clips4sale.  Although now my preferred site is Niteflirt for Clip purchases and Tributes as I make the most $ there.

I will be making custom clip orders mid-week, so if you want a custom clip nows the perfect time to order one, as I only make them once a month.  Get your order in before wednesday.

I will be deleting ALL of my racial and religious type clips later this week, so if you want them, you better get them while you can before they get deleted.

I do want to remind all of you, if you offer to pay a bill for me; buying a clip or cam time doesn’t count.  You need to send a tribute to pay a bill of mine, not make a purchase and receive something in return.  Pretty sad I have to make that distinction.


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